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The difference between snapback and baseball cap

Author: Marie

Jul. 18, 2022

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Tags: Apparel

Hip Pop 6 Panels Cotton Embroidery Snapback Cap


Do you know your snapback hat?

The word PANEL refers to the crown of a hat. When we talk about the 5/6/7 panels, we are talking about the front of the hat. All hats have 2 side panels and 2 back panels, but the front of the hat has many possibilities.


A true classic, the 6 panel rebound is a safe choice regardless of the target market. With 6 panels to ensure the perfect shape, not too deep and not too light, this versatile cap is perfect for matching any type of trim, whether it's embroidery or a variety of patches.


Your Custom Rebound Cap - Make your own unique 6 panel rebound cap!

You can customize your 6 panel cap by changing the cap fabric, cap color, back flap, logo technique or logo pattern. For example, for hat color, you can choose from black snapbacks, camouflage snapbacks, etc. Hat fabrics can be used Custom snapback trucker hats, as well as nylon snapback or suede snapback hats.

Cap logo technology is available for custom embroidered snapback hats, as well as blank snapback hats or printed snapback hats.


What is a baseball cap?

A baseball cap is a round-brimmed fedora. This cap also has five or six panels with a button on top. Baseball caps also come with adjustable snapbacks.


6 Panels Cotton Embroidery Snapback Cap


What is the difference between a snapback and a baseball cap?


The front panel of a snapback is pre-shaped and very rigid. On the other hand, the front panel of a baseball cap is not pre-formed. It is made when the entire cap is made. Also, the edge of this hat is soft or not as stiff as the snapback.


The snapback design is always better than the baseball cap. Here the range of improved design is also larger than the flat baseball, which facilitates good design.


Stickers on snapbacks are inevitable. This hat has a sticker. But if we want to use a baseball cap there, it does not have enough space.


In snapback, the angle between the cap and the panel is almost 90 degrees. But in the case of a baseball cap, you get an obtuse angle.


The main difference between a snapback and a baseball cap is this brim. The brim of a snapback cap is flatter and wider than that of a baseball cap. In contrast, the brim of a baseball cap is curved and smaller in width than the snapback.


The snapback's closures are made of plastic. But if we wanted to consider a baseball cap, you would be closer to one made of metal. We think this is a bad thing for a baseball cap.

Wearing Style

Snapback hats are a modern garment often used by fashionistas. On the contrary, baseball caps are an antique; we could say dad's hat. So, we can easily say that if you consider style, snapbacks are preferable.