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What should I be looking for in a sun sleeve?

Author: XMtongxue

Jul. 15, 2022

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Tags: Apparel

When the sun breaks through the sky, it's a great day to play golf. However, the sun can also bring harmful UV rays. You can be on the golf course for several hours per round, so sun sleeves are a great way to protect yourself during the hot hours.

Therefore, the best sun sleeves will provide UV protection on the course. However, sun protection isn't the only thing they should give you. They should also keep you cool, provide plenty of flexibility and keep you from slipping on every swing.

Great for outdoor sports

For anyone who plays outdoor sports, runs, tries CrossFit for runners, etc., these may be the best choice for you due to the construction of the sleeves. The stitching of the sleeves takes into account the muscular anatomy for a comfortable, fluid sleeve that won't restrict your range of motion.

Best for UV protection

If you're a cyclist, then many of the activities you do in the field, on the track or even on the bike will be upgraded by this arm sleeve. You'll feel more confident the day after those outdoor training sessions knowing that you won't have to reach for the aloe vera to deal with some lobster-coloured skin.

We appreciate how easy it is to clean this sleeve when making it, as you can simply throw it away with the rest of your clothing without the need to air dry it. Another notable aspect is the ribbing on the wrist. This is a great addition to better ensure that there aren't any slips or poly bunches that need readjusting. This is a subtle benefit, but one that will pay dividends.

Optimal flexibility

If you are a weightlifter, enjoy doing yoga, Pilates or have even tried animal flow, then these sleeves are where you should concentrate your efforts. They have excellent non-slip gel points to help you keep your balance during lay-ups and the like.

For the fashion lovers out there, these sleeves are discreetly designed to not attract too much attention. It's also great if you attend group fitness classes or do a meditation form of training.

Fitness Ice Sleeves

What should I be looking for in a sun sleeve?


One way in which cooling arm sleeves become more annoying than beneficial during exercise is if there is nothing to prevent it from gathering or sliding around the arm. Even if it provides the desired cooling effect, the athlete must constantly adjust it or it may not perform as well.

The two most popular anti-slip techniques used to cool arm sleeves are tighter seams that fit snugly against the biceps at the end of the sleeve, or bands that use silicone in some way (usually pointing or covering the entire band). Both will work, but will feel different from each other. Silicone holds the strap in place, but has a rubbery feel that can be uncomfortable when a lot of sweat is involved.


In most cases, cooling arm sleeves tend to be smaller. However, some sleeves are designed with elasticity and can therefore be advertised as one-size-fits-all. If you are an athlete with larger or more muscular arms, then a specific size of cooling arm sleeve may be a better option. While a one-size-fits-all may work, if the elasticity of these sleeves is pushed to its limits, they may feel tight even when worn properly.

There are available cooling arm sleeves that have the added practicality of covering the hands through holes that your thumbs can slip through. These are worth considering if drying your hands will improve your performance in a sport or activity. For example, in baseball or football, it may be beneficial to handle the ball with non-sweaty hands.

Wrap them up

Cooling arm sleeves wick away sweat, protect the skin from the sun and even provide compression. They are a great addition to fitness gear for athletes who spend a lot of time playing outdoors in warm weather.