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Do you know why Brewer's yeast is added in the pig feed

Author: Hou

Jun. 28, 2022

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Tags: Agriculture

That is why :

1. Brewer's yeast has strong food calling, which can enhance the palatability of pig feed.

2. Brewer's yeast is rich in UGF unknown growth factors and has a good effect on promoting pig growth.

3. Brewer's yeast has good natural adhesion, which can increase the adhesion of pig feed.

4. Pig feed Brewer's yeast contains pure yeast protein and carbohydrates, which can reduce the amount of other nutritional protein. Yeast protein, which has a significant effect of promoting the milk of sows.

5. Brewer's yeast contains special yeast cell wall, which can improve the non-specific immunity of pigs and enhance the ability of disease resistance and stress resistance.

6. Brewer's yeast can promote the development of immune organs of piglets, strengthen the function of immune system, and improve the adaptability and anti-stress ability of piglets to the environment.

7. Brewer's yeast can reduce intestinal pathogens, promote the propagation of beneficial bacteria, regulate the balance of microecological flora of digestive tract and improve intestinal function.

8. Brewer's yeast can stimulate the endocrine of pigs, improve feed intake, improve feed utilization rate, thus promoting growth, improve weight gain performance.

9. The effect of Brewer's yeast on pigs has great effect on prevention and auxiliary treatment of diseases, promoting the physical recovery of sick pigs, reducing the dosage of antibiotics and reducing the cost of medicine.




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