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Why your construction site needs flame retardant mesh

Author: Hou

Oct. 14, 2022

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Stainless steel window screens are woven by plain weaving technology, which has good ventilation and light transmission properties. It is a substitute for ordinary nylon screen screens. This product has high grade and wide uses. Preferred protective product. Compared with ordinary nylon window screens, it can better increase the air circulation rate and sunlight exposure.

It is vital for construction sites to ensure that their mesh is flame retardant in order to avoid potential hazards. The temperamental Australian climate means that safety is a paramount concern and banner mesh must be a key priority before construction commences. We break down the common concerns our clients ask about our banner mesh and why it’s ideal for your construction site.

High Visibility Flame-Retardant Stainless Steel Window Screen.jpg

Is all of your mesh flame retardant?

Our premium banner mesh has tested flame retardant properties, as well as a full CSIRO wind rating. This is the banner mesh we recommend for construction sites that are after a durable and versatile substrate to suit any weather conditions. It also has a GSM of 270 and a thread count of 12 per inch, making it the best for print reproduction.

Is shade cloth flame retardant?

Shade cloth is not flame retardant. Crafted from a permeable substrate, our shade cloth is a practical advertising tool in the harsh Australian conditions and allows large wind loads to pass through the material with ease, which means there are low risk loads on the structure it is attached to. Despite this material not being flame retardant, it is a great, budget friendly solution for construction sites.

Can I still custom print flame retardant mesh?

All of our signage solutions, whether it be vinyl hoardings, building wraps or flame retardant mesh can be custom printed to suit your needs. Our premium banner mesh has a high print reproduction and produces a stunning result for your branding or advertising when compared to shade cloth due to its higher thread count.

Our company is specialized in producing flame-retardant mesh screen, Mosquito Screens, Fly Screen Mesh. If you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible.