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Why Are Nitrile Gloves Usually Worn in Hospitals?

Author: beckyqiao

Jan. 18, 2023

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Tags: Health & Medical

Medical gloves are an important piece of personal protective equipment in hospitals. They protect healthcare professionals from all kinds of infections and they also prevent the spread of any infection or contamination to patients. Medical gloves are used frequently in hospitals, for example to examine patients or perform surgery. Among these, nitrile gloves are perfect for use in hospitals because they provide better protection for healthcare professionals.


Examination gloves


Examination gloves are suitable for caregivers in the healthcare industry, these caregivers have to examine patients using different medical procedures and protect themselves from possible infections, these professionals need disposable gloves in order to perform tests safely and they can choose to use latex or nitrile gloves. The gloves do not have to be made of the best or most durable material, and hospitals can choose to use nitrile gloves shipped from Deeptech for these caregivers.


Surgical Gloves


Surgical gloves are used by healthcare workers who have direct contact with blood, body fluids, etc. These substances are highly contagious and can put anyone at risk of infection. Most surgical gloves are synthesized from nitrile. These gloves provide excellent protection against pathogens, body fluids and toxic chemicals. Doctors prefer to use SHENP technology's nitrile gloves when performing surgery because they are more durable and puncture resistant than gloves made of other materials.


Why Are Nitrile Gloves Usually Worn in Hospitals?


Other features of nitrile gloves


Nitrile gloves are the best choice for allergy protection. They are made of synthetic rubber and have a very low incidence of rubber allergies because all latex proteins are removed during the manufacturing process. They are a good choice when you have a latex allergy. Healthcare professionals also prefer to wear nitrile gloves when a patient's latex allergy status is unknown. These gloves are not packaged in powder, they can be easily removed from the box and used straight away.


Hebei Titans Hongsen Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has both nitrile and latex gloves, however, nitrile gloves are more durable and puncture resistant than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves can withstand higher temperatures and more toxic chemicals than latex gloves. It has a great function in the healthcare industry because it protects healthcare professionals from dangerous pathogens. However, the higher strength and durability of nitrile gloves make them difficult to wear for long periods of time in applications that require finer dexterity because they do not provide the same comfort and dexterity as latex gloves.


Since the outbreak, Titans Hongsen nitrile gloves have become the preferred choice of the healthcare industry, with all leading hospitals using them for a variety of applications.


Why Are Nitrile Gloves Usually Worn in Hospitals?