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Why Do You Need a Portable Fridge Freezer?

Author: venusgeng

Jun. 24, 2022

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Tags: Energy

Summer in Australia calls for long trips and outdoor adventures. The open air can be a fun season, but it can suck if you end up getting beaten by the heat.


Don't worry; we're here to help you make the most of your summer retreat. Staying cool and staying hydrated is a good rule of thumb.


So we did some research and found this outdoor lifesaving companion, aka portable fridge freezer. Do you need to invest in one? Read on and find out for yourself!

Portable Fridge Freezer

Portable Fridge Freezer

Why Do You Need a Portable Fridge Freezer?

It goes without saying that chilled drinks and ice are essential in this hot summer. This so-called "duo" is indispensable for road trips during the hot season.


You can buy bags of ice (i.e. ice cubes or crushed ice) at convenience stores for a cheaper price. However, if you have to buy a lot of it to keep drinks and food cold, it can add up.


This is where a portable fridge freezer comes to the rescue. A small cooling unit will keep your meals and drinks cool and fresh for a long time. It can also come with a compact  freezer, perfect for storing ice and ice cream.


Outdoor enthusiasts, caravan travelers and overlanders all benefit from this portable device. Now is the time for you to take advantage of these benefits.


Whether you're on the road or in the bush; you can rest easy knowing that your food and drinks stay cold in the freezer. Best of all, you'll have a more enjoyable and convenient outdoor experience!

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What size portable freezer do you need?

Bigger fridges mean more capacity, but higher current consumption, and they take up more space in your car. When choosing a refrigerator, measure the space in your vehicle to make sure it fits, including the extra height of any mounting hardware or slides. Also consider the clearance of any vents and make sure you have enough room to open the lid.


Large fridges can also be heavy - if the whole family plus gear is already in the car, a fully loaded refrigerator can push your car over its gross vehicle mass (GVM).


Dimensions are listed in liters, but this can be difficult to imagine, so we've included a universally accepted unit of measurement - the beverage can.


Applications of Portable Fridge Freezer

Applications of Portable Fridge Freezer

25L and under (27 cans)

These compact fridges are essentially a power cooler, suitable for keeping lunches cold in your and your layperson's work truck. They're also a good choice if you need to keep your medications refrigerated and on hand.


35L (47 cans)

Perfect for a weekend getaway for two, or if you're flying solo, a full week.

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40L (60 cans)

The most common or "standard" size 40 liter refrigerator is perfect for a long weekend for two or three people.

Portable Fridge Freezer

Portable Fridge Freezer

50L (72 cans)

Perfect for a full week of adventures for two, or a long weekend for a family.


60-65L (106 cans)

A great fridge for a family of five, or to feed your sports team. There's plenty of room to put your team's half-court oranges on ice, but consider the space and weight it takes up in your vehicle.


80L+ (120 cans)

Plenty of room to spend the week with a large group of people, but size and weight may be an important consideration. You may be better off sharing the load between a smaller refrigerator and a separate vehicle.


Some fridges are also available with extension inserts that clip on top for additional capacity when you need it.