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Why Do I Need a Waterproof Coating?

Author: CC

Sep. 17, 2022

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

What is the function of waterproof coating? Waterproof coating is one of the indispensable materials in home decoration, which can play a waterproof effect. Waterproof coating is a coating that can be formed to prevent rain or groundwater seepage. Waterproof coating is cured to form a waterproof film with a certain degree of extensibility, elasticity and crack resistance, which can play a waterproof, impermeable and protective role.


What does waterproof coating do?


● Waterproof coating has good temperature adaptability, easy to operate, easy to repair and maintenance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, mortar and masonry structure of walls and floors; for waterproofing the floors and walls of bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, floor floors, balconies, pools; it can achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof.


● General kitchen, bathroom is the focus of home improvement waterproofing, the ground of course is to do a comprehensive waterproof layer, the wall will be different. The general standard is: waterproof layer from the ground to the wall, 1 meter above the ground, the waterproof layer of the bathroom wall shall not be less than 1.8 meters. In practice, it does not move the rules. General household is still commonly used in the shower, the wall is often in contact with water, the space in the light wall will be easy to seepage, it is recommended that a brush to the top, the scientific construction height is also directly to the top of the brush.


Why Do I Need a Waterproof Coating?


Where can waterproof paint be applied?


● Can be used in the bathroom, balcony, kitchen. The bathroom must be waterproof, the balcony must be waterproof, and the kitchen. There is a floor drain to do, no floor drain do not have to do. Why do you need to do it if you have a floor drain, but not if you don't have a floor drain, because if there is a problem, even if there is waterproofing, the water will already flow into the house, and other places will leak and infiltrate, including outflow from the door.


● Waterproof coating can be cold work (that is, without fire heating and other assistance), in addition to on-site painting molding, suitable for a variety of shapes and various parts, the film after the overall continuity of good, and can be full of bonding with the structural surface. Green waterproof coating is a reliable product to ensure that the waterproofing of the home does not go wrong. The structure of the balcony part is subject to temperature deformation, remember to choose a good elasticity of waterproofing products.


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