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Why do athletes use massage guns?

Author: Hou

Jun. 29, 2022

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Tags: Health & Medical

The massage gun, also known as the deep myofascial impactor, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact.

Massage guns are widely used in professional athletes. By stimulating their proprioceptive function, they can effectively relieve muscle tension and achieve the purpose of pain relief.

The so-called fascia is a layer of fibrous connective tissue that wraps the muscle. The main function of the fascia in the muscle is to reduce the friction between different muscle tissues and help it contract better.

During exercise, muscles are innervated by nerves. Although muscles can be relaxed after exercise, nerves are still in a state of excitement, which may lead to continuous tension and stiffness of muscles.

General sports people can use the foam roller to relax daily. For professional athletes, the massage gun can relax muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.


How to use the Massage Gun

The large round head of the Massage Gun is generally used for the shoulders, buttocks, thighs;

Small round heads are used for muscles such as arms and calves.

The Massage Gun needs to be used along the human muscle texture and fascia direction, not just the sore points of the muscles. Use each part for no more than 3 to 5 minutes.

The force of the Massage Gun is relatively large, and it can generally only be used on the shoulders, buttocks, legs, and other parts with more muscle content.

In the parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels, the muscle content is generally low. When there is not enough muscle to buffer the impact force of the Massage Gun, the blood vessels or nerves are directly stressed, which may easily cause damage to the body and pose a threat to human health. Therefore, the Massage Gun cannot be used in areas with a large number of blood vessels and nerves, such as the head, face, cervical spine, and spine.

It is also not suitable to use the Massage Gun when there is an acute injury, otherwise it will easily cause more tissue fluid leakage and edema in the local tissue.

Note: Be careful when using DMS, it must be professionally trained to operate. Because the vibration frequency of DMS is very high, the stimulation to the muscles is great. Vibration muscle position, vibration frequency, duration, selection of massage heads, etc. must follow strict standards. If used improperly, it is likely to cause secondary injury.

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