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What To Look For Buying Fingerprint Door Locks?

Author: venusgeng

Sep. 05, 2022

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Tags: Security & Protection

How often have you seen someone forget, or in the worst case scenario lose his office key while everyone is waiting for him to open the door? Not to mention the prohibitive cost and expense of having a professional locksmith open the door and replace the lock. Fingerprint door locks are the solution.


Imagine how easy it is to identify and verify your identity using your unique thumbprint. That's the power of biometrics today! If you and your family don't want to worry about keys anymore, fingerprint door locks are the key to solving your problems.


Fingerprint locks gain a huge advantage over traditional keypad locks, combination locks, keyless keypad locks or card reader locks. As a result, fingerprint door locks go beyond security protection, convenience and speed.


Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint door locks use proven technology. Fingerprint reader scanning is the most mature and tested type of biometric technology. Recent research on biometrics has shown that fingerprints are more accurate and cost effective than hand methods. Replication of biometric fingerprint technology is virtually impossible, with a one in a billion chance. Biometric security ensures a positive method of user identification that cannot be lost, copied or stolen.


We offer a range of high quality fingerprint locks for residential and commercial offices.Anxing Lock is where you can buy high quality fingerprint door locks at the lowest possible price.


The Benefits

There are many benefits to these cool home gadgets besides home protection. Let's say you have to find a babysitter for a week. If you don't want to have a permanent set of keys, then you can simply scan their fingerprints into memory and you can give them temporary access to your home. When you return from vacation, you can disable that access as if they never had it, and you don't have to worry about them copying your keys.


If you have kids and want to lock your doors while they're at school but don't want to trust them with a key, just scan their fingerprints into the system and they'll never need a key again. They just make it easier for you and your family to get into your house, not easier for criminals to do so.

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock


What to look for

When looking for a new fingerprint door lock, you should check to see if it also has a keypad. If for any reason your fingerprint scanner stops working, you can still enter the code without having to carry a key with you. You should also check to see how many fingerprints can be stored in the device.


Usually, they have more fingerprints than you really need, but it never hurts to check. A typical fingerprint door lock can hold dozens, and in many cases over a hundred. Look at what powers the doorknob and how long it will last. Does it need AA's AAA or built-in batteries. Consider the different options and consider the one that works best for you.



Fingerprint door locks are a great investment for any home. They increase your level of security while adding features that make it easier for you to enter your home. These door handles install just like a regular door handle, so you don't have to worry about any extra work. For anyone who wants better access there, home fingerprint door locks are for you.

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