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What is Floating Seal?

Author: Geym

Jul. 23, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Floating Seal

Floating seal is a kind of high-performance seal that integrates floating ring seal, gap seal and comb tooth seal, and uses the tension of the oil film to effectively prevent leakage. King Seal is a professional seal manufacturer and customize a variety of different sealing solutions for you.


Main Features of Duo Cone Seals

1. Floating face seals With professional weight removal device, the floating ring always maintains the best sealing clearance between the floating ring and the shaft, and the multiple sealing technology and strong oil film tension effectively prevent the leakage of the sealing medium;

2. Excellent craftsmanship: the material, structure, performance and processing for comprehensive process optimization, with flexible form, simple structure, easy debugging, excellent performance and other characteristics.

3. Strong adaptability: suitable for all kinds of high speed, medium and low temperature, low pressure difference, cleaning medium dynamic seal, such as lubricating oil seal of various running shaft bearing box and water seal of water pump.


Application of Floating Face Seals

1. Application industry of Floating Seals

Electric power, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc. FX type composite material floating face seal floating ring material using special composite materials and scientific formula sintering, with light weight, wear resistance, temperature resistance, self-lubrication and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of low temperature lubrication media and cooling medium small and medium size of the dynamic seal.

2. Application Equipment of Heavy Duty Seals

Applied in all kinds of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, building machinery and mining machinery:

1. All series domestic brand crawler bulldozers.

2. All series domestic 1.3-180 ton crawler bulldozers and rubber-typed hydraulic excavators.

3. Komatsu Crawler Bulldozer.

4. German R902-R992 and CAT, Komatsu series hydraulic excavator.

5. Various models of loader, graders, cranes, concrete mixer, shearer, tunneling machine, scraper conveyor. etc.


Floating Seals Material

Alloy Casting Iron + NBR/Slicone


Floating Seal Storage & Production

1. All the Standard size, we have enough stock and can ship for you soon.

2. Out of stock ones can produce within 7-10 days.