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What are the types of car mat molds?

Author: Marie

Oct. 13, 2022

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Tags: Automobiles & Motorcycles

In recent years, the concept of mold is gradually popularized and developed in my country. The mold industry has become a technology-intensive industry. Especially Car Mat Molds are widely used in our daily life. So how much do you know about auto molds?


Classification of automobile molds

First of all, automobile molds are divided into two categories, namely automobile plastic molds and automobile stamping molds.

There are many classification methods of automobile plastic molds, which can be divided into the following categories according to the different methods of forming and processing plastic parts. There are: injection molds, compression molds, transfer molds, extrusion molds, in addition to these, there are vacuum forming molds, compressed air molds and so on.

All stamping dies on automobiles are called automobile stamping dies. Automobile dies are the general term for dies for manufacturing all parts on automobiles, and automobile stamping dies are dies for punching all stamping parts on automobiles. The stamping parts on the car body can be roughly divided into the categories covering the borrowing price key and the general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can clearly show the characteristics of the car's image are the covering parts of the car. All in all, automobile stamping die refers to the die that punches all stamping parts on automobiles.

Manufacturing Process

As mentioned above, the mold industry has developed into a technology-intensive industry. Many high-end production processes are also used in the production process of automobile molds. For example, high-speed cutting technology, this technology has been widely used in the automotive mold manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and has achieved huge benefits. It can perform high-efficiency cutting processing for different kinds of materials and improve our work efficiency. Although the high-speed machining cutting technology has not been developed for too long in my country, it has been widely used. The application of this technology can shorten the machining time, improve the product accuracy, and obtain a very smooth machined surface. , effective processing of high hardness materials.

The relevant introduction about Car Mat Vacuum Mould is here. If you have more questions or needs about these molds, please continue to pay attention to us.