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What are the Advantages of FRP Septic Tanks in Environmental Protection?

Author: CC

Jul. 04, 2022

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Tags: Machinery

The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks plays an important role in our environmental protection: nowadays, sewage is increasingly polluting the environment. This product is based on the summary of the introduction of foreign sewage treatment technology, combined with scientific research results and engineering practices, and selected polymer composite The information, produced in factories, is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, light-weight and low-cost sewage treatment equipment. Biological septic tanks have successfully replaced traditional brickwork and steel mixed septic tanks due to leakage and unsatisfactory operating conditions that pollute groundwater quality and affect the safety of surrounding buildings. The product uses the gravity flow of water, does not require any external power and operating costs, save energy and handle convenience. Has good social benefits, environmental protection benefits and economic benefits.

Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank

Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank

The specific performance of the environmental protection advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank:

1. To save money, FRP septic tanks are factory-based, mechanized, batch-based, full-scale production, new technology and new materials, small size and large useful volume.

2. Save labor and time, the overall shape of the glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank is light, high and strong, and the equipment is convenient.

3. Land saving, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank saves land excavation area.

4. High efficiency, the glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank has good sealing function, can effectively deal with feces, and the anaerobic decay effect is better than the traditional septic tank by more than 2 times.

5. Environmental protection, the glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank is produced in a whole shape, with good sealing function, no leakage, no pollution of surface water, no corrosion of flowers and trees around the septic tank, wires and cables. In the pool, high-level siphons are used to guide the drainage, depositing and purifying repeatedly.

6. Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank is made of new-type glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is resistant to aging, acid and alkali, and has a service life of more than 50 years.

7. High pressure resistance and compressive strength. The glass steel reinforced plastic septic tank world 50 steel resin seal, cylindrical shape, compared with polygonal, square compressive strength added several times.

8. There is no post-processing, and the slag cleaning cycle is long. The glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank is buried, no power, and no protection or processing is needed in the later stage.

The above is the concrete performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank introduced by Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank Exporter to everyone. I hope it can help everyone.




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