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What are HDMI 19 Pins used?

Author: Geym

Feb. 07, 2023

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Tags: Electronic Components & Supplies

HDMI 19 pin connectors can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and televisions, etc. HDMI can send both audio and video signals simultaneously, which greatly simplifies system wiring installation due to the fact that both audio and video signals use the same cable.


HDMI cable connectors have several classifications

The specification of HDMI specifies four types of HDMI connectors, which are:

-HDMI A Type, applied to HDMI version 1.0, has a total of 19 pins with a specification of 4.45mm x 13.9mm, which is the most common HDMI connector specification

-HDMI B Type, HDMI B Type, used in HDMI version 1.0, has a specification of 4.45mm x 21.2mm and a total of 29 pins, which can transmit twice the amount of TMDS data of HDMI A type, and is used to transmit high resolution (WQXGA 2560 x 1600 or more) with point to point and DVI Dual-Link transmission.

-HDMI C Type, Commonly known as mini-HDMI, it is used in HDMI version 1.3, with a total of 19 pins, and can be said to be a smaller version of HDMI A type, but the pin definition has changed. It is mainly used in portable devices, such as DV, digital cameras, portable multimedia players, etc.

-HDMI D Type, HDMI D Type can bring up to 1080p resolution support and up to 5GB transfer speed for cameras, cell phones and other portable devices.




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