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What are Benefits of Hybrid Inverters?

Author: Marie

Feb. 13, 2023

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Tags: Electronic Components & Supplies

The hybrid inverter is an upgrade based on the solar inverter. It includes the functionality of a solar inverter, converting DC to AC, and also adds a built-in solar controller.


Benefits of Hybrid Inverters

Benefits of Hybrid Inverters

When choosing a solution, we need to consider the many benefits of solar hybrid inverters.

Cost Savings

Let's say you want to add a battery backup system to your solar PV system. You will need to purchase not only the battery pack, but also a new inverter and possibly a battery charger controller. The cost price of the whole package is much higher than purchasing a hybrid inverter. Hybrid inverter systems are now more cost effective and include performance monitoring, charge control, bi-directional AC DC inverter functionality and charge control.


Not all inverter systems can continue to provide power even when there is no power. Therefore, to continue providing power during a power outage, pairing a battery with a hybrid inverter is a great solution. Hybrid inverters also have built-in charge controllers that detect when it is best to supply power from the grid (or solar panels) to the batteries.

The hybrid inverter sends system performance data to a company-branded portal in the cloud. You can log into the application and see how the system is performing. The hybrid inverter can also be automatically set to standby when there is sufficient power. These ensure that you make the most of the energy generated by the solar panels, even when you are not on site.

Battery Storage Devices

A hybrid inverter has many benefits. It combines the functions of two different devices into one. This can mean a simpler installation process for your solar installation program.

Are you interested in learning more about Three Phase Hybrid Inverter and how they can benefit you? Contact us today to secure an expert consultation!




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