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Valuable Tips for Choosing Industrial Burners and Accessories

Author: Geym

Sep. 21, 2022

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Tags: Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services

There are many brands of oil burners and natural gas burners on the market today. When choosing an industrial burner, there are many variables to consider. Of course, you need to determine what capacity and what flame you need. You also need to consider temperature requirements, burner ratings, etc. The experts at ChineseBurner have gathered their tips for choosing an industrial burner.

Burner Ratings

First, consider the burner rating. If the burner rating is too small, then your system may not be able to reach the temperature or capacity you want. You need to look for a burner with a maximum input rating that is higher than the maximum burn rate of the unit.

Fuel Type

When selecting a new burner system, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following fuels.

Natural gas

Natural gas is the most common gas used in boiler systems. It is usually the least expensive fuel and is readily available for those located near the line.

Valuable Tips for Choosing Industrial Burners and Accessories

Fuel Oil

Often, many homeowners choose oil burner because they do not have natural gas service or intend to use fuel oil as a backup fuel. However, transporting oil to the plant can be expensive and you will pay more per BTU.


Valuable Tips for Choosing Industrial Burners and Accessories

Liquid Propane

Liquid propane, while more expensive than natural gas, is widely available and an inexpensive alternative. This gas type produces fewer emissions and is therefore considered a cleaner method.

Regulation Ratio and Load

The modulation ratio, which refers to the ratio of maximum capacity to minimum capacity, shows the flexibility of the burner. If you are looking for a burner that can handle a variety of different load profiles, look for a burner with a larger regulation ratio.
Over cycling of the burner will increase component wear and may result in excessive purge losses. Since process regulation can vary greatly, make sure your final selection will allow you to operate at both minimum and maximum loads.


Valuable Tips for Choosing Industrial Burners and Accessories

Pure oxygen burner

Ease of installation

Consider ease of installation, access and adjustment when selecting a burner. Burner installation should allow for removal of the head and access to other critical components. This will prevent you from having to completely disassemble the burner, remove wiring or move other equipment. Some burners require installation of heavy refractory materials that are difficult to install and maintenance intensive.

Reduce excess air

Excess air reduces efficiency, but is necessary for good mixing, clean combustion and low CO emissions. A typical burner is rated by the percentage of excess oxygen (%O2) measured in the stack. 3% O2 is the same as 15% excess air, which is a good target for most industrial applications.
Consider an 8:1 burner with 3% O2 that is cycled several times per hour to maintain system temperature during non-operating hours. This is typically more efficient than a burner with a 20:1 modulation ratio that never cycles but has up to 75% excess air.

Variable Frequency Drives

When installing a new burner is the ideal time to install a variable frequency drive (VFD) for the forced draft fan. A VFD is a good idea for any burner system, especially one that will not be running at full capacity all the time. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).
Extend motor life by reducing starting current
Significantly lower fan power consumption due to the fan affinity rule
Easier control of the burner due to lower fan pressure when the burner is turned down


As the selection process becomes more difficult, talk to a burner expert for advice on your system. If you have questions about burner ratings or other terminology, please contact us. Contact us to discuss your burner selection or maintenance needs, and a ChineseBurner expert will be standing by to help you.




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