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Uses And Features Of Tablet Metal Detectors

Author: Jessica

Jun. 17, 2022

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Tags: Machinery

Without a doubt, Metal Detectors have emerged as indispensable devices for a number of industries. And why not! These technologically advanced mechanisms make it fast and simple to detect different kinds of metallic contaminants from a large number of goods. In recent times, a wide range of feature-packed Metal Detectors such as Confectionery Metal Detector, Garments Metal Detector, Gravity Feed Metal Detector, Tablet Metal Detector, etc. can easily be found on the market. Talking specifically about Tablet Metal Detectors, also known as Capsule Metal Detectors, they are crucial for the Pharmaceutical industry where sanitation, quality and stability are of paramount significance. Tablet Metal Detectors are used in the pharmaceutical industry to detect and separate metal-contaminated elements from the capsules, tablets, etc.




Significance Of Capsule Metal Detectors in the Pharmaceutical Industry:


Capsule Metal Detectors are specially designed for the detection and removal of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants. Sometimes deteriorating processing components allow such contaminants to enter the product stream. Thus, Tablet Metal Detectors are used to ensure high-speed tablet production without compromising on their quality.



How Do Capsule Metal Detectors Work?


Tablet Metal Detectors work on the inductive measuring principle generating a high-frequency electromagnetic field. Whenever a metal object passes through them, they experience a change in the field. This change occurs due to the electrical and magnetic properties of the metal. The typical working of the Capsule Metal Detectors makes it easier and fast to detect all types of contaminants – ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless. The Tablet Metal Detectors can be integrated with a conveyor which can be used to reject the detected contaminated product.


Application of Capsules Metal Detector

Applied to a full detection of products in bulk before packaging, such as nuts, candy, grains, capsules, rubber granules, etc.


Detectable contaminants

Capsules Metal Detector can do contaminant detection inside the product, like metals (stainless steel), or non-metals (glass, ceramic, stone, bones, hard rubber, tough plastic, or products wrapped with aluminum foil or metalized film).



Typical Features Of Tablet Or Capsule Metal Detectors:


Mostly, the Tablet Metal Detectors are simple to use. They can be operated by any worker without necessitating special training.

Tablet or Capsule Metal Detectors are easy to handle and maintain. They can be easily dismantled and cleaned on a routine basis.


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