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The significance and significance of construction signs and flags

Author: Doreen Gao

Jun. 30, 2022

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Tags: Agriculture

Identification flags have important uses in many industries. Most commonly, they help keep the workplace safe. They come in many colors, each representing a different type of underground facility. With so many different colors, it can be difficult to know what each color means.


However, once you understand the color system, construction flags become an important part of any work site and contribute to the overall safety of the project. For various building signs and agricultural signs, see Parker flags and flags. We have an incredible range of flags, banners and flags for almost every occasion and situation, and we offer free shipping on most items.


We offer a variety of colours for a variety of purposes. Contact us today or go to our website by clicking here.


Identify the meaning of the flag color


According to the Uniform Color Code of the American Institute of Public Works (APWA), here are the colors of some building signs and what they mean.


Red indicates power lines, cables, conduits, or lighting cables.

Blue represents drinkable water.


Green indicates sewage pipes and drainpipes.


White indicates proposed excavation routes and limitations.


Purple indicates irrigation, reclaimed water or mud.


Pink is used to mark temporary measurement areas.


Many different industries use these colored flags, from utility construction to landscape design, advertising and lawn care. Anyone who works in these industries would be wise to keep a large number of these flags in different colors on hand so they are always ready to use. It's also important for people to know what the colors mean so they can stay safe.


Agricultural marking flags, building marking flags, etc


For construction of sign flags or any other type of flag, banner or flag, see Terry Flags and Flags. We have a wide range of products at favorable prices, and we can deliver most of them for free. From custom flags to bike safety flags, from golf flags to flags and nautical flags, we have an incredible selection. Please check out our products online, Terffy is an integrated specialist international trading company specialising in a wide range of PVC, PE tapes, warnings and marking, for custom printed marking flags. Our products are widely used in agriculture, surveying, safety, forestry, horticulture, packaging and other fields.


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