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The Main Reasons for Oil Leakage of Oil Seals of Agricultural Machinery

Author: CC

May. 30, 2022

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Tags: Automobiles & Motorcycles

Oil Seals are important parts of various agricultural machinery and equipment and are widely used. Various oil seals are installed on tractors, agricultural transport vehicles, rice and wheat combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery, which can effectively prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil and prevent dust and dirt from entering the machine.

The performance and quality of oil seal directly affects the reliability of various agricultural machinery and equipment, and the life of oil seal is 1 year in the long run, but only a few months or even 3-5 days in the short run. If it is scrapped due to oil leakage caused by poor sealing, it will seriously affect the efficiency of various agricultural machinery and equipment, which will not only increase fuel consumption and production costs, but also pollute the environment.

Auto Oil Seals

Auto Oil Seals

The following are the causes of oil leakage of agricultural machinery oil seals shared by the automotive oil seal suppliers.

1. the new or overhauled agricultural machinery does not strictly follow the technical regulations for break-in operation and maintenance after break-in, so that the metal shavings ground out enter the oil seal from inside the body, causing abrasive wear and tear and early damage to the oil seal.

2. When installing the Agricultural Machine Oil Seal, no attention is paid to cleanliness, so that impurities and dust enter the oil seal and cause accidental wear of the shaft seal.

3. When installing, the operator knows that there are obvious scratches and burrs on the crankshaft, and still puts the oil seal in the machine, causing the oil seal to be strained; or the tightness of the oil seal and the crankshaft is not enough, causing the oil seal to leak.

4. The oil seal with obvious defects, aging and cracks are installed on the machine, causing the oil seal to leak.

5. Improper operation during assembly causes distortion and deformation of the oil seal, or even causes the self-tightening spring of the oil seal to fall off and be lost, causing oil leakage.

6. The elasticity of the self-tightening spring of the oil seal is not enough and the sealing performance is poor, resulting in oil leakage.

7. Agricultural machinery often runs at excessive speed, so that the rotation axis of the oil seal exceeds the adaptability of the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage from the oil seal.

8. incorrect installation position of oil seal on the crankshaft. Such as small tractor transmission shaft rack self-tightening oil seal and skeleton rubber oil seal position opposite, or the rack self-tightening oil seal opening installed in reverse, resulting in oil leakage; crankshaft oil seal installation is incorrect, resulting in the center line of the oil seal and the center line of the shaft does not coincide, resulting in oil leakage.

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