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The Benefits of Using Stretch Film

Author: venusgeng

Dec. 23, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Stretch film is a very popular tool in many industries and Huitong Plastic Packaging is here to share five different ways stretch film can be used in your business and why it's a must-have! If you want to protect your goods in the safest and most secure way possible, stretch film is the best choice for you.


1. Protecting your products and goods

Have you ever shipped something just to break the box it was in? Or perhaps you've stored goods in a warehouse or storage facility that is not climate controlled? These are just some of the ways stretch film can help you and your business.


Keeping your goods dry and free from pests and other damaging possibilities is important for many reasons. Your goal is to deliver or use the product in its intended condition so that your customers receive what they want and your supplies are ready for use. This can save you time, money and your reputation with your customers.


Stretch Film

2. Packaging irregularly shaped items

Irregularly shaped items are really hard to fit into boxes or any type of packaging. These oddly shaped items still need to be protected and stretch film is the best way to do this. Because it can be shaped into any shape you wrap it in, you don't have to worry about finding a box to fit your triangular shaped products.


Every square inch is wrapped by the machine for perfect coverage and protection. In this case, you'll find that stretch film will become your best friend.


3. Make the most of your space

Stretch film helps reduce waste and space in your business, factory or storage facility. If you remember those famous bags that took up only a quarter of the space with a hoover to suck out the air. The same principle applies to stretch film.


For some products, the film can actually reduce the amount of space the item takes up by forcing out air. For stiffer, less pliable items, it can eliminate the space that boxes may take up. Stretch film allows you to wrap and protect items without taking up any unnecessary extra space.


Stretch Film

Stretch Film

4. Save time and increase productivity

Stretch film is wrapped with a high-tech floor wrap system that wraps perfectly every time. Manual wrapping is inefficient and leaves a lot of room for human error. The wrap-around machine ensures that the right amount of film is used and that there is no shortage or excess of plastic.


It promises perfect wrapping without wasting time or effort. This way, you and your team can deal with things that really matter and require human ingenuity. We know that this simple change will certainly improve your long-term productivity.


5. Save your business money

If the first four reasons haven't already occurred to you, then you need to use stretch film in your business instead of here. Do you know what happens when you use less packaging, save space and increase productivity? Yes, it's absolutely true, you save money for your company.


What better reason to start using stretch film in your industry than to save you money? It's definitely an undeniable win-win situation. When you're trying to meet production targets and your team can't keep up, this is by far one of the best ways to pick up the pace so that you not only save money, but make more money.











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