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The Benefits of Using Dredge Pipe Floats

Author: venusgeng

Sep. 02, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Dredge floats are widely used for supporting suction/discharge hoses. The dredging pipe floats are manufactured in a bright color to act as warning signs to other vessels in the vicinity.

The Dredge Pipe Floats/Floaters are designed to be supplied with Valor Pipe dredge pipe & self floating hose, and it can provide sufficient buoyancy to assure the dredge pipeline floating above the water level.

HDPE Dredge Pipe

HDPE Dredge Pipes

HDPE dredging pipe is made of high density polyethylene material and can be produced in a variety of sizes. The dredge pipe is manufactured and welded from two HDPE flange adapters and two steel flanges, also known as "HDPE flange pipe", where the two pipes can be easily joined together by flanges and covered with floats to keep them afloat.

Dredging Self-floating hoses are suitable for the harshest sea or mining conditions. Equipped with PE foam body, adjusted to the bouyance of the dredged material. It's available inner diameters up to 1200mm, various lengths and pressure ranges.

Applications of Self Floating Hoses 

Applications of Self Floating Hoses 

To assure long-time service outside, a UV stabilizer must be added to while manufacturing, which ensure the Dredge Pipe Floats/Floaters have a good UV-stabilization.

Thanks to the excellent structure, the Dredge Pipe Floats can absorb or reduce the energy from vessel collision and protect the dredge pipelines that they are supporting. Double reinforced bolts/nuts on every float ensures a safe and secure connection to the pipe.

The Dredge Pipe Floats have become the ideal solution & a necessity for moden dredge work.

PE Pipe Floaters

PE Pipe Floaters

Features of Dredge Pipe Floats/Floaters

The inner diameter of the dredge pipe floats should be the same or slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the HDPE dredge pipe, so they will not slip when secured to the HDPE dredge pipe.

Dredge floaters are also manufactured in a way that will allow them to absorb the energy from vessel collision, to protect the pipelines that they are supporting. Double reinforced hardware on every float ensures a safe and secure connection to the pipe.

Configuration of the inner core is a multi-faceted gripping surface that channels fluids between the pipe and float providing more contact area to a pipe that standard designs.

20” HDPE Dredge Pipes For River Dredging Project In Tanzania

20” HDPE Dredge Pipes For River Dredging Project In Tanzania

Dredging pipe floater has been the first choice for dredging work because it has many excellent properties.

※ The floating structure of the pipe float has anti-vibration and wave resistance, compact and reasonable structure, easy installation and excellent performance.

※ Good toughness and strong environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) ensure that the dredging pipe float/float is suitable for offshore and lake construction.

※ Light weight, strong resistance to wear and tear, easy installation and transportation, low transportation and modification costs.

※ Corrosion and weather resistant, the life span of dredge pipe float/pipe float is 3 times that of steel buoy.

※ Easy, fast and flexible assembly, and various shapes.

※ Low price, cost performance is obviously better than steel buoy.

※ Impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., make the dredging pipe buoy/pipe float serve in the sea for a long time.

※ Simple installation and low maintenance cost


Dredging pipe float Supplier

Valor Pipe can provide different specifications of dredge pipe floats/floats for customers to choose from, covering most of all HDPE dredge pipes we can offer.

Contact us for more deatils of dredge pipe floats for sale for your dredge work!

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