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The Benefits of Driving Gloves You Didn't Know About

Author: venusgeng

Feb. 17, 2023

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Tags: Apparel

Why should you wear gloves while driving? Did you ever wonder why the storage compartment on your dashboard in your car is called a "glove compartment?" Because back in the day everyone wore driving gloves, goggles, and yes, you guessed it, hats - to protect them from the sun and rain. But is that the whole answer? Are you experiencing any of the following problems while driving?

• How can I make my steering control better?

• How to avoid discomfort in cold or hot weather?

• How to keep your hands cool while wearing gloves?

• How do I keep my steering wheel clean?

• How to maintain the steering wheel?

• What are some ways that you can prevent fatigue when driving on long trips?

So the real question is, with the modern cars of the 21th century, is there a need for driving gloves? Definitely! You don't have to be a rally driver or a race car driver to need a pair. Let's dive into the benefits of wearing gloves whilst driving.


Cool Motorcycle Ladies Metal Button Warm Gloves


• Grip


The control you have over your steering wheel is vital for your driving. Originally, driving gloves were made to provide drivers with the best grip possible. A pair of driving gloves can help a driver avoid unnecessary accidents on the road, mainly due to the slippery steering wheel.


You might see driving gloves more common among race car drivers. Gloves allow racers to have better control over their steering wheel, especially important when racing at 200+ miles per hour. A little slip of their hand will send them off course and towards a disaster


Driving gloves provide more precise steering and better control to promote safer events.


• Comfort


You may know how challenging it is to drive in cold temperatures. This is where driving gloves come in handy—not only can they improve your safety on the road, but the gloves will also keep your hands warm.


Gloves will act as an insulator that will seal your body's natural warmth. A lot of people would choose to wear winter gloves to keep their hands warm behind the wheel; however, they can be bulky and do not have the right gripping ability, which will not be helpful at all when driving.


On the other hand, are driving gloves needed in the summer?


When it comes to heat, gloves can prevent the hands from transferring moisture to the steering wheel as you sweat. Keep in mind that moisture can affect your grip on the wheel. In more severe cases, moisture could also cause blisters.


Driving gloves


• Ventilation


If you live in warmer climates, the ventilation holes in traditional driving gloves will keep your hands cool and dry. Moreover, they can help prevent hand perspiration on the steering wheel which will improve your safety when on the road.


Get a pair of gloves that are made of breathable fabrics that are sweat-wicking as well to prevent moisture and sweat buildup.


• Cleanliness


Steering wheels are one of the most handled objects inside a vehicle. This means that a steering wheel can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To reduce bacteria and germs, a pair of driving gloves can keep the steering wheel cleaner (and your hands, too!) This is very important, especially during a pandemic.


• Preserve Your Steering Wheel


Your steering wheel, just like the other parts of your vehicle, should be protected and well-taken care of. A dirty and worn-out steering wheel is a tremendous eyesore, that can be easily avoided.


• Avoid Blistering And Hand Fatigue


If you are always driving for long hours, you are probably familiar with hand fatigue. This is also why most truck drivers wear driving gloves because having hands on the wheel for hours at a time can tire the hands out. Truck drivers also report blisters may form if the gloves are not worn.


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