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Tents as Temporary Hospital Support Facilities during a Pandemic

Author: Marie

Sep. 07, 2022

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Tags: Security & Protection

Pengcheng's tents and temporary structures are built very quickly and can be used as temporary isolation tents, triage centers, wards and morgues. We offer hospitals a number of rapidly deployable emergency facilities that can support them in fighting the effects of a coronavirus pandemic.

No matter where you are in the world, our wide range of emergency facilities for hospitals are available immediately and can be deployed and built in just a few hours. As one of the world's largest providers of rapid deployment emergency structures, Pengcheng is ready to support the healthcare industry with temporary structures.

Tents as Temporary Hospital Support Facilities during a Pandemic


Coronavirus Outbreak - Temporary Facilities for Hospitals

As the coronavirus outbreak made it difficult for hospitals to keep up with the rapid spread of the virus, Pengcheng provided a way for hospitals to quickly expand their capacity. Within hours of initial exposure, we can start building temporary medical facilities such as temporary triage centers, isolation tents, hospital wards or temporary morgues. All of these solutions can be equipped with additional facilities such as electricity and climate control. 


Reliable partner for governments, medical institutions and NGOs

Pengcheng has extensive experience in providing temporary medical facilities for hospitals, national and local governments, the United Nations and various NGOs such as the Red Cross.

Pandemics like the current coronavirus outbreak are among the most demanding and challenging situations imaginable for hospitals and local governments, and Pengcheng can help expand the capacity of medical facilities quickly and accurately, providing them with the means to continue to do their jobs as well as possible.


We can be on site in a matter of hours

All of our facilities can be deployed quickly and can then be set up in a very short time, giving you a fully functional isolation tent, triage center, infirmary or mortuary at your disposal in the shortest possible time. Contact us and we'll work directly with you to find the best and fastest emergency solution!