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SPC Flooring Vs Ceramic Tile: Which One To Choose?

Author: CC

Jan. 29, 2023

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Ceramic tile, also known as tile, is a fireproof metal oxide and semi-metal oxide that is ground, mixed, pressed, glazed, and sintered to form an acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone, building or decorative material called ceramic tile. It is made of clay, quartz sand and other raw materials.


In the decades of development, tile has been widely used in households and commercial areas, but due to the characteristics of the product, there are some inevitable problems that occur during the actual use of tile.

SPC Click Flooring

SPC Click Flooring

SPC flooring (Rigid core flooring) stands for Stone Plastic Composite. And Highsee's SPC flooring aims to go beyond. The main component is limestone (calcium carbonate) + PVC powder + stabilizer. With the development of technology, a new type of flooring SPC, which can be called soft ceramic tile.


The advantages of SPC flooring including good dimension stability, high peel strength, little noise when walking on, no warping, no distortion, 100% waterproof, heat and sound insulation, eco-friendly rigid floor, no harmful emission.


1. Non-slip performance

In real life,because of the wet and skid of ceramic tile,result in much slip accident. In the heavy water but no any skidproof measure condition that easier to make person falls injury.Hard surface of ceramic tile is also most hurtful.


SPC Vinyl Flooring

SPC Vinyl Flooring

Public places at home and abroad, the ground is too smooth, resulting in accidental slip injuries and cripple constantly arise.The ground anti-skid has became the new problem of public safety.


SPC flooring, is vividly called soft ceramic tile by people, has great flexibility,at the same time the surface can be made deep pressure, crystal, EIR and so on,forming a concave and convex anti-skid effect. After the experimental testing, anti-skid can reach R10 above which has a excellent anti-skid performance.


2. Installation and usage

Paving tiles is a construction work which is need your patient and attention. Before paving, it need to pave some mortar substrate on the ground,then putting the tiles on the mortar and hitting firm with rubber hammer. Meanwhile, you must guarantee the tile is at the same horizontal line compared with the first one. So the cost is high, and it takes you more time to pave tiles.

Non-Formaldehyde SPC Flooring

Non-Formaldehyde SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is a new type of flooring. It can be fast installed and without any cement mortar. If the ground condition is well, you can pave the SPC flooring directly. It can be used just 24 hours later. If the ground condition is not so good, you just need to pave its cement self-flow level well to ensure the highest and lowest D-value within 2mm.


3. Feet sensation

The surface enamel of the tile cannot absorb heat and needs to be adjusted according to the outside temperature. If your home does not have floor heating, barefoot on the floor will feel cold. Especially children who run around barefoot, they will feel cold and stiff.


SPC flooring is a resilient material. Compared with tile, it is comfortable and soft, and has better insulation performance. Also the resilience is better than tile, no cold feeling and good foot feeling.

Waterproof SPC Flooring

Waterproof SPC Flooring

Buy SPC Flooring

When you purchase SPC flooring, you will have different options for plank size, plank thickness, and wear layer thickness. Plank size is related to style preference, so be sure to compare the different sizes in the installed flooring photos to see which style you like best.


For plank thickness, keep in mind that thicker planks will increase durability and stability. You will typically find that SPC planks are about 3.2 to 7 mm thick. A thicker wear layer is also desirable; wear layer thicknesses typically range from 0.2 to 0.7 mm.


Formaldehyde Free Commercial Click SPC Flooring

Formaldehyde Free Commercial Click SPC Flooring

You may also see SPC flooring advertised or labeled under the following names.


Rigid Vinyl Plank

Waterproof vinyl flooring

Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Always ask about the composition of the core to make sure it is actually SPC rigid vinyl flooring. There are other types of luxury vinyl flooring that are not made of natural limestone dust, PVC and stabilizers.


If you are ready to make a major upgrade to your home, consider installing SPC rigid vinyl flooring. It has many benefits that make it a solid investment and is especially practical for homes with pets and children. The ease of installation and relatively affordable price will also help keep costs down. With virtually unlimited design options, you can also easily find a look that suits your style.

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