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SPC flooring purchase tips

Author: Hou

Oct. 09, 2022

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

SPC stone plastic floor has only been popularized in China in recent years. SPC stone plastic floor has many advantages and is loved by users. What are the unique advantages of SPC stone plastic floor? How to choose SPC stone plastic floor?

What are the advantages of SPC stone plastic floor

1. Environmental protection 0 formaldehyde

The production and manufacture of SPC lock floor uses high-quality calcium silicate stone powder as the base, and the surface is heated and pasted with PVC and advanced UV wear-resistant treatment. The structure is rigorously joined, and no glue is required, which can completely avoid the volatilization and release of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

2. More upscale

SPC lock floor adopts ultra-clear printing technology. After the surface layer of the floor is embossed, the texture is clear and delicate, and the whole will become more high-end. Its imitation wood grain, stone grain or carpet grain can achieve high color fidelity, and the pattern is exquisite and real. The size of the lock floor is similar to the widely accepted wood floor, ceramic tile, marble floor and so on. From the ground pavement effect, its fidelity is no different from other materials (solid wood floor, marble, carpet, etc.).


3. Wear-resistant and non-slip

The surface layer of the SPC flooring also has a super wear-resistant polymer material PVC wear-resistant layer, which prevents cigarette butts from being scalded. Therefore, SPC lock floor is not only suitable for floor home decoration, but also especially suitable for public venue floor decoration. It is not only fireproof, non-slip, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, sound-proof, super wear-resistant, very easy to clean and maintain; but also the market price is not expensive.

4. Easy to install

There is no need to do mixed mortar like tile floors and marble floors, and there is no need to make keel nails like solid wood floors. Get ready and move in on the same day.

How to choose SPC stone plastic floor

1. Look at the appearance: the surface of the high-quality SPC lock floor is flat, without obvious stains, and the pattern is clear; while the waterproof spc flooring of recycled materials and mixed materials is not flat enough, and the flatness and fit after paving are also not good.

2. Touch feeling: SPC substrate feels delicate and moist. The reclaimed material and the mixed material have a dry hand and no water-moisture feeling.

3. Light transmission: The floor is placed horizontally in the air, and the mobile phone flashlight is used to illuminate the floor from the bottom of the floor. The bright floor can be seen from the top of the floor. It is a SPC stone-plastic floor with good light transmission.

4. Look at the thickness: Since the spc flooring for sale has a base material, a color film layer, a wear-resistant layer and a UV layer, etc., if the merchant's marking and actual measurement are 4.0mm, the purchased SPC stone plastic floor is only about 3.7-3.8mm. Thickness, then this is an insufficient floor, so the actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness is a sufficient floor,

5. Peeling resistance: break the floor and pull it hard to see if the color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer on the surface are not easy to separate from the substrate, and the high-quality SPC floor is the one that is not easy to separate.

SPC lock floor uses an environmentally friendly formula and does not contain heavy metals. Phthalates. Methanol and other harmful substances, in line with domestic environmental protection standards. It greatly saves the amount of wood used and reduces urban waste, which is suitable for the direction of sustainable development and benefits the society.

SPC lock floor can be completely free of nails, glue and keel during the floor laying process, and can be directly laid on the floor of the ground. Because the lock floor is convenient for glue-free paving, easy to disassemble and reusable, it is especially suitable for exhibitions and home paving. Generally, the floor can be used twice at home.

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