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Space saving ideas for one bedroom apartments

Author: Marie

Sep. 14, 2022

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Tags: Home Appliances

Clothes racks that give you extra storage and look great

Whether you've recently moved into a studio apartment, a dorm room, a shared apartment or a temporary room, it can be difficult to have enough space for everything - a bed, a table and especially a closet. In most cases, there is only one option for where to place the bed, which means that the rest of the furniture must be placed accordingly. 


When space is limited, it is quite important to choose furniture that is practical and does not take up too much space. Creating a practical and comfortable home is possible, you just have to make the most efficient use of space.


Space-saving ideas for one-bedroom apartments


Four space-saving ideas for one-bedroom apartments.

✴Limited space on the floor? Use wall-mounted hangers with shelves or wall-mounted hangers with shelves

✴ Short-term rentals - avoid drilling holes in the wall and choose stylish freestanding hangers

Wall and ceiling mounted hangers

 --Use walls and ceilings to gain more space on the floor. 

In this way, you can make the most efficient use of the space in your room

Wall or ceiling mounted hangers also allow you to easily hang long skirts and coats without worrying about them curling up. It looks good if you use colors to coordinate your clothes. Another tip is to use the same type of hangers and hooks to create a stylish look.

Also, hangers mounted on the wall or ceiling make cleaning easier because it's easy to walk around underneath.


At Gumei Home company, we have a wide variety of hangers mounted on walls and ceilings in different sizes.

Shelves or wall-mounted hangers with shelves 

-- Use walls and ceilings to make more space on the floor

If you prefer to use the wall for wall hangers with shelves or just shelves, we have a variety of solutions.


Shelves are ideal for folding shirts and pants, and if you're the kind of person who likes to decorate and interior decorate, why not decorate the shelves with beautiful plants, vases, a few books for the table, or frame your favorite photo it on a shelf?

If you choose a wall-mounted hanger with a shelf, make sure it coordinates with the color of your hanging clothes. As mentioned before, it looks nicer while it's actually easier to see which clothes you actually own.

Add a shoe storage solution

Installing shoe racks in one or more closets is easy. Simply count your shoes to see how much storage space you need, then choose one or more closets that can use shoe racks.

1. Keep your floors clean

It's hard to keep your floors clean, especially if you live with a spouse, kids or furry friends. Thankfully, if there are shoe racks in the hall closet, it's not hard to change into clean slippers before you walk around your home. custom home storage companies like Gumei Home can help you design and build a solution that fits your exact needs. Even if your shoe collection expands, you'll never run out of shoe rack space.

Rotary Three-Tier Shoe Rack

2. Keep your shoes in good condition

Shoes need to be stored properly to keep them in good condition. Throwing wet shoes into a cluttered closet can lead to mold and unpleasant odors. It's also unwise to leave fancy, expensive formal shoes on the floor of your bedroom closet, as they can be stepped on or damaged. In the end, installing a shoe rack or shelf in your closet to keep your shoes looking good is worth it in itself.


3. Make it easy to find your shoes whenever you need them

Are you tired of looking for specific shoes that you want to wear to a special party, event or meeting? Or, maybe your kids have a knack for misplacing shoes at the worst possible time. Bedroom closet shoe racks solve this dilemma by providing a place for everyone in the family to put their shoes.

If you have any questions about storage products, you can send us E-mail any time, Our factory also supports customized products for a low MOQ and more details please click here.