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Solar Flood Lights-How Long Do They Last

Author: CC

Mar. 09, 2023

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Tags: Energy

Flood lights have been around for some time, however, their use has changed because their materials are used to make them. Flood lights have been used for more than 100 years, illuminating the dusk and evening of sports games. Flood lights are still used in sports events, and recently, high-intensity lights have been used in construction sites, theaters, lighthouses and ordinary homes. With the development of lighting technology, the utilization rate of lighting has also increased. Solar lighting has become a new green energy lighting method, which is of great significance when combined with flood lights. With a fully self-sustaining device, solar flood lights can be installed anywhere, regardless of the ability to run power cables.


The history of flood lights


The lighthouse was the first strong light thought to cover a large area. The lighthouse has existed for hundreds of years and provided the first continuous light. In order to allow light to travel for miles in the fog, people invented the Fresnel lens, which concentrates the light into a wide and strong beam. Starting from the lighthouse, the next use of the lens is to use lights to illuminate actors in dimly lit rooms in dramatic works. Then in 1878, the first flood light was used in a major polo sporting event. It was not until the invention of the motion detector that flood lights for home security systems became popular. Through the motion detector, when motion is detected, the light will be triggered. Since most thefts occur at night, an extremely bright light can deter thieves and intruders because it reveals their location and identity. Some wide-angle dual-head solar motion sensor lights are usually posted as wall lights and flagpoles for lighting in parking lots or simple home security from dusk to dawn.

Solar Flood Lights-How Long Do They Last

How long can solar flood lights last?


The solar outdoor motion sensor flood light will last a long time, but the mileage will be different. The main component worrying about wear is the battery. All batteries have a so-called battery cycle, which happens when the battery is fully discharged after being fully charged. Every battery, even those that are rechargeable, has a specific charging cycle before it shows signs of performance degradation. Different weather conditions, including extreme temperature and humidity, can also cause degradation of battery performance and affect the life of solar energy. Finding a waterproof, weather-resistant, heat-resistant and frost-resistant solar floodlight can reduce this unnecessary wear and tear. 

High-quality solar flood lights are a great way to implement new outdoor lighting for outdoor spaces, without the need to hire an electrician to obtain new wiring set lamps. Since the solar flood light is an independent unit, you only need a screwdriver and some lights, and you can enjoy the benefits of the flood light. Since the units are independent and will last for several years, solar flood lights are a very convincing argument when looking at them compared to other flood lights on the market. Not only are they more attractive in terms of convenience and use, they are also a greener solution that will save you money in the long run.
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