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Rug purchase knowledge

Author: Hou

Aug. 23, 2022

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Tags: Textiles & Leather Products

Indoor air quality is getting more and more attention from the international community and consumers. As one of the interior decoration materials, the latex and various compounding agents used in the production and processing, rug back gluing and other manufacturing processes do not avoid the retention of some harmful substances in the product, such as: formaldehyde, styrene, 4 - Phenylcyclohexene, etc., if these residual harmful substances exceed the indicators specified in the national standard, when they are laid and used, they will bring a certain degree of pollution to the indoor air and affect human health. Therefore, consumers are reminded that when purchasing rugs, they must know whether the batch of products meets the requirements of GB18587-2001 "Limited Release of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Materials rugs, rug Liners and rug Adhesives" to protect consumers' own health.

The pile density of the wholesale rug can be touched by hand. The quality of the pile of the product is high, and the density of the rug surface is full. Such a rug has good elasticity, tread resistance, wear resistance, comfort and durability. Here, consumers are reminded not to choose the plush method to choose the rug. On the surface, it looks fluffy and good-looking, but the density of the pile is sparse, and the pile is easy to lodging and deformation. performance, not durable.


Color fastness

rugs in a variety of colors, soft in texture and beautiful in appearance. When choosing a custom rugs, you can use your hands or a test cloth to rub the rug surface several times to see if there is any color on the hands or the test cloth. It is prone to discoloration and fading during use, which affects the aesthetic effect of the rug in laying and use. rug Backing Peel Strength

The back of the tufted rug is glued with a layer of mesh base fabric with latex, and the backing peeling strength index is > * 25N according to the standard. When consumers choose this type of rug, they can gently tear the base fabric by hand to see the degree of adhesion. If the adhesion is not high, the base fabric and the rug body will be easily separated, and such a rug is not durable.

Look at the appearance quality

When consumers choose rugs, they should check whether the rug surface is flat, whether the edges of the rug are straight, whether there are any flaws, oil stains, and color differences. It can avoid the phenomenon of bulging and inequality in the laying and use of the rug, and the effect of comfort and beauty will be lost.

rugmatching knowledge

1. Echoing the overall style: The most important thing to match with a rug is to echo the overall decorative style. Different decorative styles have different requirements for the color, shape and pattern of the rug.

2. Indoor color: - Generally speaking, as long as it is the existing color in the room, it can be used as the color of the rug, but you should try to choose the color with the largest indoor use area and the most eye-catching color, so that the matching is not easy to make mistakes, and it is safer. If the decoration style of the home is more avant-garde, and there are more colors to mix and match, you can also choose colors that are rare in the room or neutral colors.

3. Lighting conditions: For houses facing south or southeast, the lighting area is large, and it is best to choose rugs with cool tones such as blue and purple, which can neutralize the strong light; rugs with warm colors such as red and orange will make the originally cold house feel more warm, and at the same time, it can also increase the space.

4. Furniture styles: The furniture styles here include the influence of coffee table and sofa styles on rug collocation. If both the coffee table and sofa are in a satisfactory shape, you can choose a rectangular rug. If the sofa has a certain arc and the coffee table is also round, you can consider choosing a round rug; if your sofa or coffee table has a special shape, you can also ask the rug manufacturer. Made to order, but prices will increase.