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Remote Sensing Applications

Author: Hou

Aug. 31, 2022

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Tags: Business Services

Remote sensing applications are remote data collection applications, which refer to the use of remote remote sensing data collection to investigate, monitor, analyze, predict, and forecast resources, environment, disasters, regions, and cities. With the emergence of a new pattern of resource allocation, Worldview has explored a road to productization, making satellite data a plug-and-play product that is convenient for users to call.

Get geographic data

Remote sensing images are "photos" of the earth's surface, which truly show the shape, size, color and other information of objects on the earth's surface. This is more easily accepted by the public than traditional maps, and image maps have become one of the important types of maps.

As the resolution of commercial satellite images becomes higher and higher (up to 0.5 meters), it can meet the production requirements of larger-scale "4D" products. At the same time, satellite images have the characteristics of large data range and short period of acquisition, and satellite remote sensing has become an important means of collecting and updating basic geographic data.


access to earth resources

Remote sensing images are rich in information, and the spectral resolution of multispectral data is getting higher and higher, and red-edge bands and yellow-edge bands can be obtained. Hyperspectral sensors are also developing rapidly, and my country's small environmental satellites are also equipped with hyperspectral sensors. From remote sensing images, a wealth of information including vegetation information, soil moisture, water quality parameters, surface temperature and seawater temperature can be obtained. These earth resource information can play an important role in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, ocean, ecological environment and other fields.

emergency disaster

Remote sensing technology has the ability to obtain information without touching the target. In the event of a disaster, remote sensing images are geographic information that we can easily obtain immediately. In areas where maps are lacking, remote sensing imagery is even the only information we have access to.

System core composition

Remote sensing has the ability to collect spatial information dynamically and in multiple phases, and remote sensing information has become the main information source of GIS.

Global Macro Research

The purpose of global research is mainly to study the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere on which human beings depend on a macroscopic and holistic scale, so as to promote the deepening of regional research and promote the improvement of the global environment (environmental deterioration). For example, the remote sensing global positioning system (GPS) can be used to monitor and study the movement of plates and the activities of deep faults; use meteorological satellite data and other remote sensing information to conduct global meteorological research and world disaster forecasting (ElNino); ocean dynamics Research, the distribution of solid water on the earth's surface, the advance and retreat of the world's glaciers (global warming), and the monitoring and governance of the world's environment.

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