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Plastic Bags Vs Microwaveable Food Bags

Author: Marie

Nov. 15, 2022

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Tags: Packaging & Printing

The ease and convenience of the microwave oven makes it a great choice for cooking and reheating food. And its derivatives - Microwavable Food Bags are gradually appearing in everyone's life, which makes it possible to satisfy your stomach faster, whether at home, work, school, college dorm, camping trips or hotel stays. So what is the difference between this kind of bags and ordinary plastic bags?


Ordinary Plastic Bags

Some plastic bags have some carcinogenic additives to people, such as whitening agents, phosphors, etc., all of which will reduce human immunity in the case of long-term use. Especially in the case of plastic bags under heat, some of the plastic bags will be directly released in the case of heating toxic gases, which is more harmful to human health! 

And this plastic bag in the high temperature is easy to melt. We often see when eating breakfast just out of the pot of doughnuts with plastic bags to wrap, immediately the plastic bag will be hot, melted plastic bags will also be attached to the food, so the human body is particularly harmful. Therefore, you can not use plastic bags to hold high-temperature food to become a health consensus.

From the above, plastic bags can not be packed with high-temperature food, if the food temperature exceeds the maximum tolerance temperature of plastic bags 110 ℃, it will make the plastic bag melting decomposition, and the microwave oven microwave heating of food are more than 110 ℃, so you can not use plastic bags to hold food in the microwave oven heating.


Plastic Bags Vs Microwaveable Food Bags

Microwave Food Packing Bags

Microwave food packing bag is specially used for microwave heating food, with strong sealing, non-stick, oil-resistant, no oil leakage, food is evenly heated and so on. Microwave paper bags are made of double-layer food-grade grease-proof paper. All materials are rigorously tested to meet the relevant food safety standards in the United States and Europe.
Our microwave food bags are mainly used for microwave popcorn and microwave pork crisp, didn't expect it, popcorn can be eaten at home with just microwave food bags and corn kernels, not only that, our paper bags can also be used for other similar microwave food. Please feel free to contact us, we are also willing to provide you with samples for testing and technical innovation.

Are you interested in learning more about Microwave Popcorn Bags for sale and how they can benefit you? Contact Huafeng today to secure an expert consultation!




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