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Outdoor Loose Sleeve Layer Stranded Reinforced Armored Optical Cable

Author: CC

Mar. 18, 2023

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Tags: Electrical Equipment & Supplies

Outdoor Loose Sleeve Layer Stranded Reinforced Armored Optical Cable


Sample: Available

unit price<=$15 ,free sample and need to pay the freight.

unit price >$15,need to pay the double sample fee and freight.



Payment Method:T/T


Product description:

1. Full cross-sectional water-blocking structure with special oil paste filling in the loose tube to ensure good water and moisture barrier performance.

2. Third party inspection report available.

 Outdoor Loose Sleeve Layer Stranded Reinforced Armored Optical Cable (GYTA53)




YD/T901, ISO/IEC11801, ANSI/TIA-568-C.3

Optical fibre specifications

A1b (OM1)

Attenuation @20℃ (dB/Km)

@1310≤0.36, @1550≤0.22/@850≤3.0, @1300≤1.0

Number of fiber cores



Phosphorized round steel wire

Inner Sheath material

Aluminium-polyethylene bonded sheath

Inner Sheath

MDPE, black

Outer sheath material

steel - polyethylene bonded sheath

Outer sheath

MDPE, black

Permissible tensile force

1000N long term, 3000N short term

Permissible flattening force

1000N/100mm long term, 3000N/100mm short term

Minimum bending radius

25D dynamic, 12.5D static

Laying method

direct burial

Temperature range

for storage and transportation : -40℃+60℃,for installation and laying : >-15℃



Order information:

Product name

4-coreModel id

6-coreModel id

8-coreModel id

12-coreModel id

24-coreModel id

Packaging Method

Outdoor Multimode Layer Stranded Armored Optical Cable






 Wooden shaft

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