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O-Ring vs Gasket

Author: Geym

Dec. 30, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

An O Ring Gasket is a type of seal or gasket used in mechanical and plumbing applications. It is shaped like a ring with a round cross-section, and is typically made of rubber, silicone, or other elastomeric material. O-ring gaskets are used to create a static seal between two or more mating parts, such as between a valve and a pipe fitting. They are commonly used in plumbing and mechanical systems to prevent leaks, and are often found in a wide range of industrial, automotive, and other applications. O-ring gaskets are easy to install and remove, and can be used in a variety of applications where a reliable seal is required.


o ring vs gasket

When choosing a seal for your application, how do you know whether a gasket or o-ring is right for you? Here are the major differences between gaskets and o-rings you need to consider. 

O-Ring Basics

As the name suggests, o-rings are round, ring-shaped sealing devices that sit in a groove between two parts, which are often cylindrical. It is the compression of the two parts that allow the o-ring to form an air or liquid-tight seal. Generally, o-rings can withstand pressure and vibration within their application. Based on their shape, o-rings can be designed for both static and dynamic applications. 

O-Rings can be manufactured in a variety of different flexible materials and can be customized in size and thickness depending on the design. 

Common applications that require o-rings include:


Fuel systems

Medical and pharmaceutical 


Pipe joints


Gasket Basics

While o-rings are typically round and vary in thickness, gaskets are flat seals that sit between two flat surfaces. Gaskets are often circular, however they can be cut into virtually any shape, including square, triangle, rectangle or any other complex form. Similar to o-rings, gasket seals are often manufactured with flexible materials. However, gaskets can also be designed with harder materials such as rigid polymers or metal. 

Common applications that require gaskets include: 


Electrical motors

Power generation

Transportation and automotive

Telecommunication devices

Choosing the Best Seal for Your Application

While gaskets and o-rings are both dependable sealing devices, their stark differences make them suitable for different environments. O-Rings are the best choice for high-pressure applications as they can withstand extreme amounts without failure. While both sealing devices can function in a wide range of temperatures, gaskets are better suited for extreme temperature environments. 

The shape of the seal is also a key deciding factor between gaskets and o-rings. O-Rings are made for circular joints and require a groove, whereas gaskets can be designed to fit virtually any shape.