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Industries Benefiting from the Use of FIBC Liners

Author: CC

Nov. 11, 2022

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Tags: Packaging & Printing

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC Liners), also known as bulk bags, are flexible packaging. They are ideal for storing and transporting pellets, pharmaceuticals, food and other dry bulk goods. Using these containers is ideal for many businesses because they are lightweight, flexible and easy to use during transport.

Today FIBC bags supplier TUMU shows you the applications of those bags.


Transporting agricultural products

Bulk bags have proven to be a game-changer in agricultural packaging. Bulk bags are very useful for storing agricultural products such as grains, beans, animal feed, fertilizers and more. One-ton polypropylene bulk bags have become essential for preserving fruits and transporting fruits such as pomegranates, apples, mangoes and guavas. In addition to crops and fertilizers, bulk bags also serve as ample storage space for seeds. High quality, robustness, easy availability and flexible shapes and sizes make bulk bags a practical and important part of storage and transport in the agricultural sector.


Industries Benefiting from the Use of FIBC Liners


Pharmaceutical industry

Powders and granules in the pharmaceutical industry often benefit from FIBCs for transport. However, due to seams and stitching, powders can easily escape from the bag, leaving your product behind! 
Some chemicals are volatile when exposed to moisture, oxygen or temperature. This means that using these liners is the perfect solution to protect your products. However, aluminum foil liners for FIBCs not only help to keep your product in the container. Thanks to the aluminum layer, they also help to protect the product from UV rays, moisture and oxygen.


Plastics industry

Plastics have become an important part of our daily lives. With this ever-evolving industry, many problems can arise before the end user comes along. For this reason, bulk bag liners are well suited for hygroscopic polymers that absorb moisture from the air. However, if not handled properly, these polymers can attract and retain moisture from the air, which can lead to molecular and structural damage. Barrier foil FIBC liners will protect your products from airborne moisture. as well as benefit from a spout format that can be used for easy filling or venting. 


Industries Benefiting from the Use of FIBC Liners


Construction projects

PP bulk bags have several uses in building and construction. First, bulk bags store and transport construction materials such as brick pavers, cement and concrete. Second, because FIBC Super Bags are rugged, they ensure worker safety when loading and transporting rocks, gravel, soil, debris and other such elements that could otherwise cause injury and harm to workers. Big bags are also used to perform basic construction procedures such as filtration, segregation and drainage materials, making them the preferred choice for geotechnical work.


Storage of chemical substances

The chemical industry, such as pharmaceuticals, requires long-term storage of chemicals. PP bulk bags are preferred because these polypropylene containers are extremely durable, lightweight and easy to procure. This is also true for transporting these chemicals over long distances. However, a more important use is the storage and transport of hazardous chemicals and organic minerals for disposal. Bulk bags manufactured in accordance with safety regulations are very effective in storing such chemicals, especially in powder form.


Industries Benefiting from the Use of FIBC Liners


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