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Industrial Uses of Compressed Air

Author: Geym

Feb. 06, 2023

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Tags: Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services

Air compressors are used for a wider range of applications. You'll see gas stations providing compressed air to inflate car tires, and your tire store using compressed air and pneumatic tools to remove tires. You may have seen small benchtop air compressors on construction sites along with spray guns or trailer-mounted pneumatic air compressors powering portable augers and concrete compactors.


We've compiled a lengthy list that will expand your understanding of the various ways air compressors can be used in a variety of environments.


Industrial Uses of Compressed Air

For certain industries that require the safety of a non-heat generating power source and the reliable flow of that power source, compressed air is the only choice. Since the first mechanical air compressors were manufactured in the early 1800s, the demand for compressed air systems has grown steadily, from specific beginnings to better equip the mining and metal fabrication industries to a necessity in virtually all industries. It is often considered the fourth largest utility after electricity, water and natural gas.


1. Agriculture

For productive and profitable agricultural operations, compressed air provides long-lasting performance and a low cost of ownership. Compressed air is used in conveyor belts to move feed and grain in and out of bins. It is also used in greenhouse ventilation systems, to operate pneumatic material handling equipment, to spray crops, to power dairy machines, and more.


2. Manufacturing

Whether in refineries, plastics plants, assembly plants or metal fabricators, air compression systems are the central source of power to keep companies in production.

Operating pneumatic tools on production lines; cutting and welding equipment; blowing molded fuel tanks or plastic bottles. There is also efficient execution of basic tasks such as screwing and turning nuts; and increased productivity through cylinders that power positioners, fixtures, pneumatic chucks and air knives. Finally, air compressors are also used for sandblasting and polishing metals.


3. Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning industry requires a reliable air supply and a reliable system , which requires high quality garment cleaning. Compressed air is used to: provide chemical applications through cleaning guns, operate washing machines and steam cleaners. 4.


4. Pharmaceutical

For this highly regulated industry requiring precision equipment and high performance systems, keeping clean, dry and oil free is a priority. Pharmaceutical air compressor units can move product on conveyor systems, apply coatings to pharmaceuticals, maintain pressure in mixing and storage tanks, and bottle and package products.


5. Energy Exploration

The remote nature of energy exploration requires the most reliable power to minimize repair and maintenance costs. Air compressors will power pneumatic tools and equipment in both onshore and offshore operations, compensating for movement caused by turbulent seas. Remote control of valves in steam and coolant circuits, as well as powering boiler room ventilation systems.


6. Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing plants use air compressor systems to perform a variety of production tasks. They need contamination-free and stable compressed air for continuous operation. Compressed air is used for: packaging and palletizing products; closing and inspection equipment; beverage filling equipment; and cooling and freezing products.


Advantages of compressed air

Considered a plant workhorse in commerce, a handy helper at home and an efficient assistant, compressed air is a widely used power source. They are lighter and more durable, especially when used frequently and in rough and dirty environments. Their use increases productivity and efficiency through faster tool speeds and greatly reduced or completely eliminated user stress.

Another beneficial feature of compressed air is that it can be stored to support fluctuations in use and you don't have to worry about setting off fuses and damaging the power consumption values of the equipment.


With the right system, you get the necessary pressure and storage to provide reliable and consistent energy. Contact our company today to get partnered!




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