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How to Reshape Your Straw Hat Brim

Author: CC

Aug. 25, 2022

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Tags: Fashion Accessories

In some cases, your straw hat may not be going so well - like a gust of wind wrecks it, or you accidentally sit there and ruin its shape. While it's frustrating to see an unbalanced hat, that's certainly not the end of it.
Because this hat is made of tightly woven straw, it is also quasi-elastic and has moldable properties, making it possible to restore it to its original shape.


How to Reshape Your Straw Hat Brim


Store it properly

To ensure that your carefully woven hat is always in perfect condition, care must be taken to maintain its signature shape and style, and to make it the ideal accessory for your ensemble. A luxurious straw hat takes time to be crafted into a one-of-a-kind work of art by skilled artisans. Meticulously handcrafted summer and winter hats should be treated with the same respect they were when they were created. The delicate fibers of hand-woven toquilla straw must be handled properly so as not to spoil its natural beauty.
Your straw hats may warp due to improper handling, transportation and storage. Exposing the hat to too much moisture, making it too dry, mistaken attempts to repair the shape of the hat, and poor cleaning habits are common mistakes hat owners make, further leading to a warped appearance. Hat lovers can give their straw hats the love they truly deserve with a few simple steps to ensure their hats are always ready for a great day in the sun.


How to Reshape Your Straw Hat Brim


Steam Method

Steaming hats - It's a simple process and takes very little time, so it's good to know that the technique will serve you well. For example, this skill can help you get ready in time for a special event.
To remove excess wrinkles from a straw hat, fix an unwanted bent shape or resize a hat, simply use steam to provide the right amount of moisture to make it look its best.
Hand-knit straw hats will not be damaged by the steam method as long as they are not internally wired. Be sure to inspect the interior before applying hot steam to your favorite straw hat. With this disclaimer, steaming hats can be accomplished in several different ways.
The most professional way to steam a hat is to use a steamer tool that is custom made to fit the straw fabric. While not many homes have steamers, there are other do-it-yourself techniques to take care of your hats.
If you're not quite sure about ironing that delicate hat, you can take it into the bathroom just as you're about to enter the steaming hot tub. Place the hat on the bathroom counter and turn on the shower faucet for about 15 minutes for the hat to get the necessary steam nourishment. Be sure to take the cap out after the shower, as prolonged exposure to steam may cause the straw to become moldy.
Another option is to use the steam from the teapot to moisten the straws. Make sure the water is boiling before removing it from the stove. To prevent personal injury from hot steam and to prevent direct heat to the hat, keep the spout of the kettle at a safe distance of 6-8 inches. Trace the nozzle along the surface of the hat for a few minutes, focusing on wetting the hat so that you really feel a pleasant difference when you hold it.
Make sure the straw material is always wet, then smooth out and reshape any imperfections with your hands. To repair the edges, use a heavy object to flatten the curled edges. After restoring the hat to the desired shape, allow the hat to cool and dry.


How to Reshape Your Straw Hat Brim

Essentially, it's best to remind yourself that you own a Panama hat or any straw hat, even if it sits unused in your closet, and to maintain that hat regularly. Straw hats are sensitive to the environment they are stored in, and frequent room temperature changes can cause the strands to become brittle. In areas with low humidity and high temperatures, it is critical to steam treat your hats regularly and condition them carefully - to ensure that the crown doesn't lose its flexibility and that the brim doesn't crack at the seams. 

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