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How to Improve the Adhesion of Neoprene Glue to Glass Fiber Cloth

Author: Marie

Sep. 05, 2022

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Tags: Textiles & Leather Products

Neoprene-coated fiberglass fabric is a commonly used coating composite material in the industry. This material has excellent high and low-temperature resistance and is waterproof, oil-proof, ozone-resistant, and anti-aging, so it is widely used in various industries.

Then in the production process of neoprene, the adhesion of the butadiene rubber glue to the glass fiber cloth significantly influences the product's quality. Guangzhou Daozhi Fiberglass provides some suggestions based on years of manufacturing experience; hoping to help you.


How to Improve the Adhesion of Neoprene Glue to Glass Fiber Cloth?


The peel strength of the neoprene adhesive is related to the formula, process, and usage. The available neoprene adhesive needs to add tert-butyl phenolic resin to improve the adhesion to complex and dense adherents such as metal, glass, thermosetting plastics, etc. As the amount of resin increases, the peel strength increases, but when the amount of resin exceeds 45 parts (CR is 100 parts), the peel strength decreases instead. Therefore, too small or too little amount of 2402 resin will make the peel strength lower.


After the chloroprene rubber is mixed, the relative molecular weight is reduced, the viscosity of the glue is small, and the wettability is good, which can improve the peel strength.


When the neoprene adhesive is used to bond non-porous adherents, the drying time after gluing should not be too short. Otherwise, the solvent will be wrapped after lamination, and the peel strength will be reduced. In addition, it should be compacted and smashed after lamination to drive out the air. Otherwise, the peel strength will be reduced. The outstanding feature of neoprene adhesive is the high initial strength, but it takes 5~7 days to reach the maximum power. Allow enough time for actual use and evaluation of management.


In short, to increase the peel strength of the neoprene adhesive, a certain amount of 2402 resin should be added. It is appropriate to use 40~50 parts. The neoprene rubber should be adequately mixed to make the glue have good wettability. 100 parts of hydroxyl CRAF, 45 pieces of tert-butyl phenolic resin, five pieces of light magnesium oxide, 165 pieces of toluene, acetic acid Neoprene adhesive prepared with 165 pieces of ethyl ester and 165 parts of n-hexane, its peel strength is 1.15K.m-1

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