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How to do the daily maintenance of brake disc

Author: Hou

Aug. 11, 2022

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Tags: Automobiles & Motorcycles

The brake disc, in simple terms, is a round disc that rotates when the car is moving. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to generate braking force. When the brake is applied, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. Disc brakes are effective and easier to maintain than drum brakes.


 1. Will the brake disc wear out? This is a matter of course. Compared with the brake pads, the wear of the brake disc is much slower than that of the brake pads. Generally, the technicians of the car shop will only prompt to replace the brake pads and brake oil. However, the brake disc will wear out after a certain mileage (parts, pictures, inquiries), and the surface of the brake disc is uneven or the thickness of the brake disc does not meet the standard, which will seriously affect the braking performance in the long run.


2. Will car washing damage the brake disc? Generally speaking, with a material as hard as the brake disc, how can washing the car damage the brake disc? In fact, in our daily brake use, the brake disc will generate a lot of heat due to the deceleration and friction of the vehicle. The temperature will be high. At this time, the car owner chose to go to the car beauty shop to wash the car. Before the brake disc could cool down, the cold water was sprayed on the brake disc. When the steel brake disc is not cooled naturally but rapidly cooled by water, thermal expansion and contraction will cause the steel brake disc to be distorted and deformed, and cracks will appear in serious cases. If the brake disc is deformed and then drive, the vehicle will vibrate obviously when braking, or even the brakes will run off! Brake discs with low degree of deformation can be restored to balance by means of "disc", but if the brake disc is deformed When the level is high, it is necessary to replace the new brake disc. When washing the car in a car beauty shop, it is recommended to leave the car aside to cool down naturally, and then wash and maintain the car.


3. Avoid abnormal brake noises Competitive-level brake pads are suitable for long-term extreme high temperature conditions. Because of different material formulations and different usage conditions, it is normal to have "hissing". However, attention should be paid to the "hissing" abnormal braking response of ordinary civilian vehicles. This may be a problem with the brake pads. Some car owners think that the brake pads of a car are competitive grade, and they think it will be better than the general civilian brake pads. Who knows that the brakes will become worse and there will be abnormal noises at the same time! Competitive grade The working temperature of the brake pads is relatively high, and a certain working temperature can be used to brake normally, so it is not suitable for civilian use. As long as the general civilian brake pads are at normal temperature, they can maintain the normal performance of the braking effect.


The other is the excessive wear of the Bozhong brake disc, and the uneven depression on the surface of the brake disc. This may be caused by the hidden foreign matter of the brake pad or the material of the brake pad, and the long-term uncleaning and maintenance. Car owners should usually pay attention to cleaning the brake pads and brake discs to reduce foreign matter entering the brake system, and replace qualified brake pads.