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How to clean Si Reflective Mirrors ?

Author: CC

Jul. 01, 2022

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Tags: Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services

Laser Reflective mirrors must have low reflection losses, high optical quality, and good resistance against extreme optical intensity.Silicon is the most popular material for making reflective mirrors with coating, it has good optical thermal properties and high reflectivity.Provide Si Reflective Mirrors Wholesale with high quality and low price, just contact us.



1.Si Reflective Mirror has high reflection efficiency.Cutting thick materials requires Si reflectors lens.

2.Silicon reflective Mirrors are suitable for high-power laser tubes, such as 180W or 200W laser tubes.

3.CO2 laser Si mirrors are used in laser processing like laser cutting, drilling, welding, engraving and various laser systems.


How to clean Si Reflective Mirrors

1. Use an air bulb to blow off any loose contaminants. (dust, lint particles)

2. Squeeze a few drops of acetone onto the lens tissue, wetting the complete optic's diameter. (smudges, fingerprints)

3. Using the cotton swab and distilled vinegar, wipe the lens. Immediately use a wet cotton swab to remove any acetic acid, then clean with a clean dry cotton swab.(spittle, oils)




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