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How to choose a towing rope

Author: Hou

Jun. 09, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Trailer rescue is a topic that cannot be avoided in off-road activities, and we can often see negative cases on the Internet that bring bad results due to wrong operations. The towing rope is a kind of special rope used for the temporary trailer of the faulty vehicle. Its length is usually 4.5 meters, and the two ends have forged anti-decoupling hooks, which is very convenient to use. As one of the important tools for vehicle rescue, if the tow rope is used improperly, the result may be counterproductive. So what kind of tow rope is considered strong and reliable? How should the tow rope be used?

Choice of towing rope

First, look at the material of the car rope. Usually tow rope is divided into Ninon material and steel wire material. Double Braided Nylon Towing Rope is lighter to use, and steel wire rope is more durable. In actual operation, we can choose tow ropes of different materials according to different situations, and for ordinary cars, nylon ropes are enough. Second, look at the thickness and width of the tow rope. Since these two factors are the key to determining the strength of the tow rope, you must pay attention to it when choosing. Third, look at the hook of the tow rope. When choosing the tow rope, you must carefully check whether the hook of the tow rope is firm or not. Do not choose those hooks that can be loosened with a single click. This kind of tow rope is even stronger. unsafe. Fourth, look at the length of the tow rope. Generally, the length of the tow rope is 3~4 meters. Fifth, look at the color of the tow rope. When choosing the tow rope, try to choose those with bright and bright colors. If it is a reflective material, it will be more conducive to night rescue use.


The tow rope with the corresponding towing ability should be selected according to the weight of the vehicle; general hard-core off-road vehicles have external tow hooks, and cars and SUVs use built-in tow rings. Don't choose old-fashioned trailer belts with metal hooks. Once this trailer belt breaks or slips off, the tow hooks will hit the front and rear vehicles like a projectile, causing vehicle or personal injury.

After the tow rope is installed, regardless of the number of vehicles being rescued, a "rope pressing object" must be fixed on the tow rope, that is, the "flag holding". "Hanging the flag" can prevent the tow rope from flying up and hurting people around the vehicle when the tow rope breaks or the tow ring breaks. The "Lanqi" can be replaced by thick clothes with a few bottles of mineral water, or foot pads in the car. In addition, personnel should not stand in the towing direction and extend the line, but should be sideways and outside the length of the tow rope diameter.

When towing cars and urban SUVs, due to the load-bearing body structure, it is very easy to cause the body structure to break due to the sudden tightening of the tow rope. The tow hook and bumper are not protected, and the body structure is damaged , Causing greater body damage. Off-road vehicles with non-load-bearing bodies can decide whether to use a slow towing method or a sprint towing rescue method according to the rescue environment.