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How To Choose A Folding Bike Suitable For Long-distance Riding?

Author: Hou

Jan. 12, 2023

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Tags: Transportation

The pros and cons of using a folding bicycle for long distance riding are obvious, and although the "cons" seem to be more of a subjective conclusion, it still doesn't obscure the advantage of its portability. For long-distance riding, choosing a folding bike is more like finding a balance between portability and performance, and a folding bike probably has the following benefits.

1. you can go to more places in a limited amount of time

2. avoid boring sections and only ride interesting places

3. People who want to go for long-distance rides but don't have a lot of long-distance experience

4. More convenient for those who travel by air



On this point, there are two key factors to consider: the folding speed and the volume after folding.

Probably the most ideal state is to fold and open each once a day, but the speed of folding will still greatly affect your riding mood. A good folding bike may only take 10 seconds to fold/open, a poor one may take up to ten minutes or more. That's why I really like Tern and Boo's bikes, they are easy to fold and save a lot of preparation time.

The volume after folding is proportional to the wheel diameter, comparing the following 4 sizes of wheel diameter found that for every point of increase, the volume of the bike will increase by 100 liters (0.1m3). What's more, when you take a bike with a large wheel size and you don't use a bag to bikery it, you are likely to be disliked. Imagine taking the subway and coming up to a person with a bike, you will subconsciously stay away from him, not wanting to get dirty with the wheels?




A good lightweight folding bike is as rigid as a normal bike and won't give you any weird feelings when you ride it. I have tried to use 24 inch Tern Eclipse to ride 100-150km in a day, during which there are also climbs, I feel very comfortable riding all day long, compared to 16 inch small cloth, it is also more stable performance on all roads, small cloth is still more suitable for city commuting within 50km.

In fact, according to my feeling, suitable for long-distance riding folding bikes, often or 20-inch wheel diameter is better, but not the larger the better. You should test ride more bikes of different sizes to find the one that suits you best.


Size and comfort

If you are a member of the long-legged club with legs like mine (note: the original author is 190+cm tall), you need to pay special attention to the size, otherwise folding bikes in general are able to hold. You should choose a bike according to the mileage, if it is a long distance, then comfort should be in the first place; if you just want to casually stroll around the city, then comfort is not your primary consideration.

Generally speaking, folding bikes for sale can choose from a small number of sizes, the only exception is Bike Friday, such as the pakiT series offers six sizes, as well as support for optional configurations.

It can be said here that adding a secondary handlebar is also a good way to feel much more comfortable on long rides.


Wheel size

Folding bikes are generally available in 16, 20, 24, 26 and 27.5 sizes. The principle of choice in a nutshell is: your use determines the size of the bike. The larger wheel size will be better in terms of passability, loading capacity and shifting range, but if you are traveling in the city and need to take transportation from time to time, the smaller the better of course.