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How should I buy a swimsuit for my kids to learn how to swim?

Author: Helen

Jun. 24, 2022

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Tags: Apparel

Summer is here, summer vacation is also here, let the children go swimming in the swimming pool, master a skill at the same time by the same time discharge, put that excess energy, it could not be better. The first thing to address is to choose the right swimsuit.


Boys' Swimsuit are actually relatively simple to prepare a pair of swimming trunks and then with a swimming cap, and goggles, you can happily go to the water floundering. There are two main points to note: one is the material of the swimming trunks. Now more is the choice of polyester, the scientific name for polyester. This material is characterized by good elasticity, being slippery to the touch, close to the skin, swimming in the water when the resistance is small, and swimming more freely. The second is the size of the swim trunks. Although the swim trunks will be elastic, it is generally best to choose a slightly larger, not just a tight fit. Especially the front crotch should be slightly loose, do not have a sense of restraint, not good for child development.


And if it is a girl's swimsuit, in addition to the material, size, and style are also very important. In the style, there are two kinds of split and one-piece. It is generally recommended to be a one-piece, up and down split swimsuit, with the child playing and swimming in the pool, the action range is large, easy to lose, although still a child, privacy protection is still very important. But one of the bigger problems of one-piece is not easy to put on and take off, the child is not so convenient if you want to pee in a hurry. So in fact, you can choose the skirt type split. Not only does the style look good look like, but the main thing is also to let the child wear not exposed, the pool is different between men and women so that children recognize gender awareness.


This swimsuit is the style of the skirt, you can wrap up the whole stomach, and the style is beautiful and safe. And the following is a flat corner short, wrapped in a skirt inside. It's easy to put on and take off. Material is also stretchy polyester, smooth to the touch, convenient when swimming, and very easy to dry after washing.


Children's swimsuit split good or one-piece good?

Children's swimsuits split goods or one-piece goods mainly according to the age of the child to choose. Personally, if the baby is relatively small, under 5 years old, and not a professional practice swimming, it is recommended to choose a split swimsuit, split swimming is convenient to put on and take off to change clothes, convenient for the baby to go to the toilet and other issues. Older babies and professionals learning children's swimming can choose a one-piece swimsuit, a one-piece swimsuit can reduce resistance in the water to help the baby swim faster, and one-piece to a certain extent can protect the baby's belly button, to avoid children in the water from wind and cold.


How to choose a children's swimsuit? What are the selection principles?

First: as a baby's supplies, safety is certainly the first consideration for each parent. Children, after all, because their own age is small, the body's skin tissue is relatively tender, and the clothing attached to the body must be fabric safe. As a swimsuit material, basically, swimsuits are made of spandex, a material. Spandex fabric is a polyurethane type fiber, its own advantage is good elasticity, good applicability to the body, will not compress the body's muscles, when the baby underwater activities, will not bind the baby's arms and legs, facilitate the flexible use of the baby's body. Compared to cotton swimsuits, polyester is more suitable for babies, lined with polyester, a soft fit, not only does not stimulate the skin but is also anti-static, so that the child's skin is more comfortable when swimming.


Second: baby swimsuit sun protection is the key, be sure to recognize the sun protection index SPF50 + so that to a certain extent can prevent the baby's skin from tanning. Many people may say that we take the baby are swimming in the pool, if it is swimming inside the pool, you can not consider the sun protection function of the swimsuit, if it is the beach or outdoor, you must choose the sun protection function of the swimsuit. Before taking your baby to swim outdoors, rub sunscreen on your child half an hour in advance. In fact, the UV radiation inside the water is stronger than onshore, so you can consider choosing a long-sleeved style swimsuit for sun protection.


Third: is the comfort of the swimsuit. The boy's swimsuit is a good choice, split swimsuit, for the sake of the boy's physiological structure of health, swim trunks crotch to pick a little loose, not too tight. Girls' swimsuits are a little harder to pick, girls' swimsuits are a wide range of styles, children and mothers are easy to pick, so you need to choose a one-piece or split swimsuit according to age, whether it is a professional level, according to their preferences, girls choose swimsuits on top of the clothes do not choose too many embellishments, affecting the efficiency of swimming underwater. At the same time, choose swimsuits that are not too tight, the fit is good, do not buy clothes as normal to choose a large size, swimsuits have elasticity, suitable for the best.


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