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How does an electric fence work?

Author: Marie

Mar. 20, 2023

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Electric fence is an electrified fence. In the pasture or around the livestock sports field, set up one or two metal wire, through the high voltage of the weak current, when the livestock touch the wire by several electric shocks, that is, dare not near the electric fence, is controlled within a certain range of feeding or activities.


Infrastructure Electric Security Fence


An electric fence produces an electric shock when an animal or person touches the fence and completes an electrical circuit. The shock is designed to be a deterrent and to prevent animals or people from coming into contact with the fence.

The electric fence consists of a series of wire strands that are stretched along the length of the fence. These wire strands are energized by an electric fence charger, which is a device that converts regular household current into a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical current.

The fence charger is typically connected to a regular household outlet, and it sends a pulse of electricity through the wire strands at regular intervals. The pulse is usually set to repeat every one to two seconds, and it is usually not strong enough to cause serious injury.

When an animal or person touches the fence, they complete the electrical circuit between the wire strands. This causes the electric fence charger to send a pulse of electricity through the animal or person, which results in an electric shock.

The strength of the electric shock is determined by the voltage of the fence charger and the resistance of the animal or person. Higher voltage fence chargers will produce a stronger shock, and animals or people with lower resistance will feel a stronger shock.

Electric fences are typically used to keep animals contained within a specific area, such as a pasture or a garden. They can also be used to deter animals from entering an area, such as a garden or a wildlife sanctuary. Electric fences are generally considered to be a humane and effective way to keep animals contained or deter them from entering an area, and they are widely used in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings.


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