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How Do I Choose the Right PPGI Steel Coil?

Author: venusgeng

Oct. 20, 2022

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Prepainted galvanized steel coil is a kind of colour coated steel coil (PPGI coil). It uses galvanised steel as the base metal. The zinc layer is highly resistant to corrosion. Together with the coating, it is more durable than galvanised steel. The metal coated steel then undergoes a number of cleaning procedures, pre-treatment solutions and finally a multi-layer organic coating including laminates, vinyl dispersions and paint. This continuous technique of applying different coatings is known as coil coating. As a result, the steel coil is used in the finished product without the need for painting or finishing.


PrePainted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI) and Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel Coil (PPGL) is a kind of building materials, with galvanized sheet and aluzinc sheet as the substrate, after pretreatment (degrease and chemical treatment) and liquid dope with several layers of color, then firing and cooling, finally the palte steel is called pre-painted galvanized steel coil (PPGI) or pre-painted galvalume steel coil(PPGL).


Color Coated Steel Coils

Color Coated Steel Coils

Galvanised steel coils are used in a wide range of different areas and applications. You can find it in metal roofing panels, microwave ovens, automotive trim panels, telecoms cables and much more.


It is also used in construction, home appliances, transportation, windows, doors, refrigerators and so on. It can also be further processed for other use as colour coated coil/sheet substrate, steel strip substrate and so on.


Benefits of galvanised steel coils


1. Cost

Firstly, the overall cost of galvanising is low compared to other coatings. In addition, galvanised steel coils are ready for use on delivery. It does not require additional surface preparation, inspection, painting or coating.


2. Durability and reliability

Galvanised steel is usually made from hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel coils as a base material. The steel is strong and the galvanised coating is robust and durable.


Color Coated Steel Coils

Color Coated Steel Coils

3. Corrosion and rust protection

The main benefit of galvanised steel coil is its corrosion and rust protection properties. The iron in steel is a highly reactive chemical that tends to rust. However, the addition of zinc acts as a protective buffer between the steel and moisture or oxygen. The zinc coating thus acts as a barrier against external attack and will sacrifice itself to protect the steel beneath.


4. Life expectancy

After galvanising, GI coils have a life expectancy in the working environment of well over 50 years, and can last for over 20 years in severe water exposure situations.


5. Full protection

every inch of the galvanised steel coil is protected against damage, including grooves, sharp edges and hard-to-reach areas.


6. Easy to inspect

The product's simple construction design makes it easy to assess with the naked eye and allows for simple non-destructive thickness measurement methods.

Color Coated Steel Coils

Color Coated Steel Coils

How do I choose the right PPGI steel coil?

With its excellent properties, PPGI steel is widely used in construction, household appliances and light industry. Due to its different applications and environments, special attention should be paid to the selection of the right PPGI steel coils. the sales staff of Xinnorda Steel Supply, with their professional knowledge and experience in communicating with customers, summarise four aspects.


1. Coating hardness: Coating hardness refers to the ability of the plating to resist scratch, friction, crash or other mechanical action, and PPGI steel coil scratch resistance, wear resistance is closely related. Mainly through the use, processing methods, storage conditions and other options.


2. Coating thickness: The thickness has intimate connection with the corrosion resistance of ppgi steel coil, and the corrosion resistance usually improve with the increase of coating thickness. The coating thickness should be confirmed by the environmental corrosiveness, service life and durability.


3. Coating colour difference: There will possible to occur color difference during the produce and use process of ppgi steel coil. The color difference is influenced by the production organization, color, use time, use environment and other factors.


4. Coating gloss: Gloss mainly choose based on the use and use habits. For example, the building-use ppgi steel coil always choose middle or low gloss, and household appliance ppgi steel coil always choose high gloss.


5. Coating gloss: gloss is mainly based on the use and use habits to choose. For example, PPGI steel coils for construction are always selected for medium or low gloss, and PPGI steel coils for household appliances are always selected for high gloss.


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