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How Do I Choose A Smart Ceiling Light?

Author: venusgeng

Jun. 25, 2022

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Tags: Lights & Lighting

How do I choose a smart ceiling light? You'd be wise to read this guide before you buy.


Smart technology caters to the aesthetic sense of our living areas and increases efficiency. Smart ceiling lights are an example of equally cutting-edge technology that is not only environmentally friendly, but also goes a long way in saving precious energy and your money.


What is a smart ceiling light?

Smart ceiling lights are an important part of home automation. They are a fantastic, simple and logical way to control the lighting solution in your home, office or any other area.


Smart LED ceiling lights are lights that you can control from your smartphone via an app. These apps may be Android specific or iOS paired. Some lighting manufacturing brands have their own apps.

Smart ceiling lights can be fixed into existing sockets in your home. Some ceiling lights come with specified fixtures that are easy to install and work with the same brand of bulb.


Smart Led Ceililng Lights

Smart Led Ceililng Lights

Smart LED ceiling lights are more than just a great lighting solution. They simultaneously improve the quality of your lifestyle and simplify it. Some of the results of installing smart lighting in your home include.


- Remote adjustment of lights with the convenience of a light touch, saving time and effort

- No need to install dimmer switches. Turn down the brightness and temperature of your lights as needed

- Choose an automatic lighting schedule to save energy consumption

- Smart Ceiling Light features include the ability to select colour ambience, create lighting groups and coordinate rooms and floors Choose from a range of lighting effects to suit your mood or add to special occasions

- Using LED technology, the Smart Light consumes less energy and lasts longer. It helps reduce your electricity bill

- With voice-activated speakers such as Google Home, Alexa, Siri and more, you can control your lights with your voice.


Smart Led Ceililng Lights

Smart Led Ceililng Lights

How do I choose a smart ceiling light?

Not all smart ceiling lights are created equal. There are a few things to consider before buying a smart ceiling light.


- What is a compatible platform

It's important to understand this. Most smart ceiling lights come with their own app. If you want to equip the light with more features, you may need a platform that can accommodate multiple functions. Pairing the light with a voice assistant can extend the functionality of your smart light.


- Some smart ceiling lights require a hub

Depending on whether the Smart Ceiling Light uses built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you may need a hub. If you already have one installed, choose the lamp that goes with it.


- What about colour and colour temperature?

Colour temperature refers to the white light spectrum displayed by smart bulbs. LED smart lights can display 16 million shades. Of course, the brightness and colour temperature of certain brands can be changed. So make sure you know what shade you want.


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