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Handheld inkjet printer working principle

Author: Marie

Nov. 16, 2022

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Tags: Packaging & Printing

Handheld inkjet printer Machine is used to print lot numbers, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, MRP and other details that provide product details.

Handheld inkjet printer working principle.

Handheld coding, the nozzle technology belongs to the thermal bubble inkjet technology, the nozzles use semiconductor film technology, laser technology and high precision coating technology to form multiple nozzles with a diameter of approximately 50 microns. These nozzles are arranged in high density. Upon receipt of a heating signal, the ink is heated by an electric current to around 260°C in a very short time. The localised ink is heated to form bubbles that expand and the ink is ejected to form the text.

Importance of Batch Coding.

The batch/lot number or lot number should be placed on the product in accordance with national regulations. This number is important because it may be needed, especially if the product is recalled or the quality of the product in the batch is not satisfactory.

In a wide range of industries, from food production to pharmaceuticals, these Handheld Inkjet Machines are finding a place for themselves.

Food Industry

To avoid spoilage and tardiness, labeling is an important part of the food industry's supply chain. Food manufacturers often affix pre-printed labels to their goods, leaving them blank so shippers and retailers can write down times, dates and codes.

But with the advent of portable handheld inkjet printers, labeling can be done faster and with better results. Handheld devices can even go a step further by applying labels that provide instructions for use, product specifications and safety warnings.

Automotive industry

Parts for automobiles come from all over the world before landing on the manufacturer's floor. Suppliers of these parts place the parts in boxes with inkjet labels to help identify the parts during the assembly process.

In the factory itself, portable handheld inkjet printers can be used for safety markings, housekeeping markings and batch markings.

Medical Industry

To improve traceability and packaging efficiency, the medical and pharmaceutical industries use portable handheld inkjet printers to mark their devices. Versatile enough to print on bottles, foil bags, packaging, plastic, glass and metal, this inkjet handheld printer is useful in the medical field.

Everyday use

Handheld inkjet printers can even be used at home. For the kitchen, they help mark food or shelving areas. One can also use them on fabrics to remind parents which piece of clothing belongs to which child - very useful for families with children of similar ages.

This short list of apps is far from the full picture of all the places you can see the handheld printer. Every day people are finding new uses for this handy gadget, and are finding no signs of slowing down. One day, these tools will be on every factory floor, kitchen and military base.

Handheld Inkjet Printer Suitable for hundreds of industries, easy to use and requiring little to no storage space, the Handheld Printer is the device for any business seeking to streamline its supply chain.




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