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Guidelines for The Use of Commercial Rice Cookers.

Author: CC

Aug. 02, 2022

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Tags: Home Appliances

With the advancement of technology, electric rice cookers have appeared in every household, and the rice cookers at home often do not need to be powerful, but restaurants and hotels are full of people and diners, so how can they meet the needs of so many people? The commercial rice cooker was born. They are powerful enough to cook large quantities of ingredients in a short time. Vikaf(Guangzhou Huijiafu Industrial Co., Ltd.) shares with you how to use a commercial rice cooker scientifically.


Why choose a commercial rice cooker?


Commercial rice cookers generally refer to large rice cookers used in hotels, restaurants or snack bars, which are significantly different from domestic rice cookers in terms of calibre and power. Domestic electric cookers are usually smaller in calibre and less in capacity, and can only meet the cooking needs of ordinary families. Commercial electric cookers have a large capacity, high power, fast heating time, many functions and stronger safety features, and can meet the cooking or food processing needs of dozens or even hundreds of people.


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Water to rice ratio for commercial rice cookers


Whether it is a domestic rice cooker or a commercial rice cooker, its primary function is still to cook rice. The rice cooker for home use is very simple, you can add water or rice by feeling, and the rice cooked will sometimes be a little harder or thicker, but it does not affect the food. The ratio of water to rice must be precise, otherwise the whole pot of rice will be wasted. The commercial rice cookers are generally used in hotels, restaurants, catering and so on, so the quality of the rice cooked is also high. The ratio of water to rice in a commercial rice cooker is usually 1:1.3 or 1:1.25, but you also need to consider the degree of water that is put into the rice.


water to rice ratio


To be more precise, you can do the following:


◆Wash the rice in a rice panner and rinse until the water comes out clean, drain the water.


◆Use an electronic scale to weigh out the water, for example: 6 kg of rice, then compare the water, then weigh 7.8 kg of water.


◆Avoid washing rice directly in the liner, as this may scratch the bottom of the liner and also affect the taste of the rice if the rice water is not poured clean.


Notes on the use of commercial rice cookers


◆When stewing food, it is not advisable to fill the soup too full to prevent the soup from spilling into the appliance and damaging the original parts.


◆The rice cooker should be placed in a dry and sheltered place to reduce the bumping of the rice cooker and prevent the inner liner from deforming. The deformation of the inner liner will not match well with the electric heating plate, resulting in uneven heating when cooking rice and easy cooking of sandwiched rice.


◆Rice cookers should be replaced in time after a certain period of use. If you use it for too long, the internal controls will not work, and even safety accidents will occur.


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