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Emergency battery benefits for your business

Author: Marie

Sep. 28, 2022

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Tags: Electronic Components & Supplies

We often do not imagine that a power cut would affect us, however in a situation such as a storm, fire or other power shortage, our home and business would be little more than a dark shelter. Installing the new Naips Emergency LED lighting battery back-up would ensure that all emergency lighting within your business could be continuously operated in the event of an emergency which resulted in a mains power cut.


Emergency battery benefits for your business


Emergency batteries are a rechargeable and reliable source of energy to support the continued readiness of emergency lighting. Batteries used in emergency lights usually come in a variety of sizes and voltages, and these must be matched to the voltage of the LED lights when the battery is being replaced, however with the Naips Emergency LED battery back-up there is no need to use various sizes. The emergency battery will ensure that the intensity of the light emitted from the LED lighting is bright and consistent regardless of the voltage size being too low or too high. This also ensures that regardless of the voltage size, the battery charges to its full potential.

Unlike standard batteries which only work for 90 minutes, our Emergency LED battery backup pack operates for twice as long working efficiently for three hours, and is only one third the size of other back batteries available on the market. Working in temperatures varying from +5°C to 35°C and is also fire retardant. Being fire retardant ensures that in an electrical short circuit or fire, the battery back does not cease to generate power to emergency exit routes or emergency exit signs. All our features enable our new innovative battery pack to run smoothly reducing maintenance and other unnecessary costs.