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Are Smart Classroom Interactive Blackboards Worth It?

Author: venusgeng

Sep. 19, 2022

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Tags: Electronic Components & Supplies

Smart Classroom Interactive Blackboard uses capacitive touch technology to combine the traditional handwritten blackboard and multimedia devices, easily switch between chalk slate and multimedia applications, the same area can be like a normal blackboard, with chalk normal writing, but also like a large Pad's, with hand touch to watch ppt video, pictures, animations and a variety of rich multimedia applications, to achieve a combination of traditional and modern.


The "Smart Classroom Interactive Blackboard" is a high-tech interactive teaching product, which can seamlessly switch between traditional teaching blackboard and intelligent electronic blackboard through touch control, turning the traditional teaching blackboard into a perceptible interactive blackboard and achieving an innovative breakthrough in interactive teaching.


Intelligent Smart Nano Blackboard

Product Technology


1. Intelligent liquid crystal display technology

Original imported A+ LCD panel, brilliant color, high contrast, high brightness, 1080P HD display, support 4K-UHD ultra-high definition display.


2. Touch technology

Self-developed capacitive touch technology, certified by relevant national institutions, high precision, high fluency, minimum support for 10-point touch, strong anti-interference ability, supporting high-precision capacitive stylus.


3. Surface writing photoelectric glass

The surface adopts anti-glare and high light transmission rate treatment process, high surface strength, scratch resistance, safe and reliable, through the national authority of more than a dozen certification reports, super wear-resistant, eye protection function, good writing effect, in line with national technical standards.


Interactive Whiteboard Features

4. Intelligent dual-system drive technology

Adopt high-performance dual-system intelligent drive technology.

Support Android, X86 dual-system platform seamless access to meet the application of scenes at all levels.

Support intelligent gesture recognition function and touch center control menu function, with good user experience.


Support dual-system network sharing function, USB data sharing function, signal scene sharing function.

Support no computer host scenario, drive system embedded intelligent teaching software, support multi-person writing mode, support multi-subject scenario teaching mode, support file saving/opening/insertion, switching of background, annotation of files and other functions.


Education Interactive Panel


Built-in industrial control-grade OPS plug-in host, scientific and safe, easy to maintain; using the international leading Intel processor system, SSD solid state drive, support hard shutdown, fast start-up speed, with wireless network integration function, easy to daily teaching network, digital.



Product Features


Innovative and holistic

Innovative and unique, superior wholeness, similar to a set of large flat panel, touchable, can be written at any time across the border board, one key multimedia switch, chalk writing at will.


Easy to use

Teachers are able to quickly master the use of software and hardware related to smart classroom interactive blackboard within 10 minutes, and can use the related software normally as long as they master the basic office software, and are able to share it twice after class, which is convenient for teachers to prepare and teach classes.


Interactive Teaching Touch All-in-one Machine

Safety and Reliability

The surface is flat without bumps, no sharp corners design, passed the national impact resistance, splash resistance, lightning strike resistance level 4, surface stress, shrapnel bag impact performance test.