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Application of Light material Plastic Geocell reinforcement strength

Author: CC

Oct. 24, 2022

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Honeycomb geocell is a grid slope reinforcement product made of HDPE plastic sheets, that can be shrunk back and forth by welding with strong welding joints together. It is a three-dimensional reinforcement product in eng, and use in specific heavy-duty road construction, long river slope treatment and protection, and the highway slope.

Geocell is a polymer and geosynthetic material made of HDPE sheet polymer or strong polypropylene sheet (PP) .

Different specifications of Envirogrid Geocell can be used with soil, sand, stone and other fillers to form mat layers of different cohesion, reinforcement strength and thickness.

Honeycomb geocells can effectively reduce the scouring of slope soil by rainwater flow and spraying, can dissipate energy and reduce scouring to improve the erosion resistance of slope soil, and can effectively disperse slope runoff so that the water flow is relatively evenly dispersed, thus reducing the depth of the soil gully. When doing the soil consolidation structure of slope ecological protection, its anti-scouring ability is better than the common materials such as diamond wire mesh.


Envirogrid Geocell Product Characteristics

1. Welded by ultrasonic welding, the welding point is firm and durable.

2. Three-dimensional three-dimensional mesh structure can limit the lateral displacement and generate friction with the vertical direction of the filler, the reinforcement state is stable and durable.

3. Convenient shrinkage, small footprint, very convenient for storage.

4. It can be perforated on the sheet to increase the drainage performance of the honeycomb geocell and increase the permeability for better plant rootstock growth.

5. Can with stand larger load forces on slopes, suitable for river management, embankments and mixed retaining walls.

6. Greatly improve the bearing capacity of soft foundation, reduce settlement and resist bending and aging.

7. According to the needs of the project, change the geometric dimensions of the honeycomb geocell height, welding distance, etc.

8. Convenient connection between units and fast construction.

9. Save construction time, labor, and cost advantages, a durable environmentally friendly geotechnical material.

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Performance Index

Standard: GB/T 19274-2003



High strength geocell

Sheet tensile strength



Tensile strength at welding



Weld spacing


Expanded size



Construction Method

Measuring and placing → excavation of slope surface and anchorage trench → footing construction → of back filter layer (if any) → laying of geotextile → laying of honeycomb compartment → laying of planting soil → vegetation planting and maintenance.

1. The slope honeycomb geocell should be covered during transportation to prevent long-term exposure to the sun and pollution;
2. The slope honeycomb cell hot weld, needs to do process experiments before construction. Before the experiment, submit the experiment plan to the supervisor, and the experiment can be conducted only after approval. The lap length is not less than 10cm, and the lap surface is not allowed to pull within 2h after welding;

3. Tensioning grid is laid flat on the slope when laying honeycomb geocell, starting from the shoulder of the slopes and opening along the slopes to the bottom. The tension grid is placed flat on the slopes, and the end slot hole of the grid places in the U-shaped anchorage trench;

4.  After the top fix, first fix the sides of the left and right sides of the tensioned honeycomb geocell grid, and then temporarily fix the bottom of its lower end with anchor braze. After the soil fill in, the anchor brazier used to fix the lower end pull out;

5. Tensioned honeycomb geocell, need to become a full rhombus shape, strictly forbidden to trample or use heavy objects to press the cell deformation;

6. Honeycomb geocell inspection after passing the filling and burial operations, first fill the top, the top U-shaped anchor ditch buried, and then top-down to the bottom of the slope buried ditch for filling and burial;

7. Pave the honeycomb compartment within 12h to build humus on it for protection, or take other protective measures to prevent the aging of the honeycomb compartment accelerated by ultraviolet radiation;

8. After the overall burial, then cover one-third of the height of the soil of the honeycomb geocell;

9. Prohibit paving in rain and snow.



It is used to reinforce the roadbed, slope and retaining wall of railroad, highway, airport and wharf, etc. It is especially suitable for the weathered mountain forest, desert and swamp, etc.

1. Slope and shoreline protection to deal with topsoil stability of slope surface;
2. Land consolidation to deal with the problem of soil stability on steep slopes;
3. River and channel protection to deal with erosion, leakage, and water flow control problems;
4. load support to deal with foundation strengthening and uneven settlement problems.

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