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Advantages of Stevia liquid

Author: CC

Aug. 06, 2022

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Tags: Food & Beverage

Stevia Liquid Sweetener Bulk sweetener plant-based. The perfect sweetness in a practical drop dispenser.

Liquid Stevia Bulk is natural sugar substitute without calories, alcohol and fructose.

Stevia:a cost-effective, versatile natural sweetener & sugar substitute for manufacturers

The body does not metabolise stevia, meaning it has zero calories. Given the choices of today’s increasingly health-conscious consumer, minimising sugar content is a major consideration in product development for food and drink manufacturers.

As such, stevia is perennially popular for dairy products (ice cream, yoghurt, flavoured milks), breakfast cereals, cereal bars, beverages, certain types of confectionery as well as sweet baked goods. Many people will also be familiar with stevia as a table top sweetener.

As well as being helpful for those on a calorie-controlled diet, products containing stevia can suit those suffering from diabetes thanks to its low glycaemic index.

With such a remarkably sweet taste, only a small amount of Stevia is required to deliver the same taste as regular sugar, making it a cost effective ingredient. Food and drink manufacturers also value this ingredient for its stability under wide-ranging PH and heat conditions.


Viasweet liquid sweetener drops - the liquid stevia sweetener

The intense sweetening power of Viasweet liquid Stevia liquid sweetener, also called fluid (Stevia liquid sweetener, stevia sweetener drops, stevia tabletop sweetener), is derived from the natural ingredients of the stevia rebaudiana plant, the so-called steviolglycosides and the rebaudioside A.

This liquid Stevia sweetener is a composition of Stevia extract and steviol glycosides derived from the stevia plant.

High-quality raw materials, the manufacturing process and an optimal recipe guarantee a very pleasant and sweet taste and without the bitter taste.

The liquid Stevia table sweetness is one of the tasty products that are offered today as Stevia liquid sweetness. This table sweetness can be used universally for low-calorie sweetening in smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, for baking and cooking and is a real alternative to chemical sweeteners.

With the drop dosage, the Stevia liquid sweetness can be stirred in and mixed quickly and easily.

With the Viasweet liquid sweetener you get a Stevia quality product. Because of the good taste, the high yield and the price-performance ratio, it is used by health-conscious consumers and diabetics worldwide.

Stevia sweeteners are suitable for diabetics.

Pure, liquid stevia extract without additives from the plant stevia.
Without bitter taste, aromas, alcohol or fructose. Brand quality from China.

Viasweet Liquid Stevia Sweetener is made with extracts of the Stevia leaf. It contains zero sugar and calories per serving. The sweetness is from nature, making it a great alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It can be used for sweetening hot & cold drinks, cooking, baking, sauces, dressings. Try it in your porridge, tea, coffee and smoothies.

With the Viasweet sweetener you receive a premium quality Stevia product that is used by health-conscious consumers worldwide.


Origin of Stevia

Stevia, also known as honeydew, is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the South American Stevia rebaudiana plant. The substances that make the plant sweet are the concentrated steviol glycosides.

Advantages of Stevia liquid

The Stevia Liquid Sweetener bulk is up to 150 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia liquid contains no calories and has a Glycemic value of 0. This ensures that stevia liquid sweetener bulk has no harmful impact on the blood level, making the liquid sweetener suitable for people with diabetes.

100% Natural
Sourced from a highly purified stevia plant extract.

Mix it in with your shakes or smoothies for extra sweetness without the sugar.

The Purpose

Our Stevia Extract Sweetener Bulk is ideal for anyone looking to naturally sweeten food or drink, from protein shakes to cooking and baking, without adding unnecessary sugars.

Use of liquid stevia

Stevia extract sweetener bulk is ideal for sweetening drinks and dishes. Two to three drops of stevia extract sweetener bulk are equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar. However, it is not completely comparable to sugar, because besides being sweet, stevia liquid sweetener bulk also has a slightly bitter taste. Stevia liquid sweetener bulk is good to use in drinks and yoghurts or to bake with.