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7 Steps to Teach You How to Install Oil Seals Correctly

Author: CC

Oct. 15, 2022

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Tags: Automobiles & Motorcycles

How important is the correct installation of oil seals? Even if the oil seal has been correctly selected and the grooves in the seal mounting area have been reasonably sized, but the seal has not been installed scientifically and correctly, there is no guarantee that it will perform 100% of its intended function. Honglei takes you through how the oil seal should be installed.


Valve Oil Seal

Valve Oil Seal


How should the oil seal be installed?


1.When installing the oil seal, the key should be removed first before installing the oil seal.


2.When installing the oil seal, apply oil or lubricant first and round off the shaft end and shoulder of the oil seal.


3.When installing the oil seal, be sure to make the lip end of the oil seal face towards the side of the oil being sealed, and avoid reverse assembly of the oil seal.


4.Assemble the oil seal with professional tools to avoid damage to the oil seal lip when the oil seal lip passes through the thread, keyway, spline, etc.


5.No violent operation is allowed when installing oil seal. The journal of oil seal should be chamfered accordingly and burrs should be trimmed to avoid cutting the lip when installing oil seal.


6.When installing the oil seal, apply some oil on the journal and gently press the oil seal in with a suitable special tool to prevent the oil seal from deformation. Once the lip of the oil seal is found to be turned over, the oil seal must be removed and reinstalled.


7.When the seal elasticity is insufficient or the lip has irregular wear, the spring ring of the oil seal can be cut short and reinstalled, or the two ends of the spring ring of the oil seal can be lapped for one more section to increase the elasticity of the oil seal spring, so as to increase the pressure of the oil seal lip on the journal and improve the sealing of the oil seal.


Kubota Rotary Cultivator Mechanical Floating Oil Seal

Kubota Rotary Cultivator Mechanical Floating Oil Seal


Reasonable use after installing the oil seal.


1.The air filter must be kept in good technical condition, otherwise the dust in the air will enter the cylinder and accelerate the wear of the cylinder and piston ring on the one hand, and pollute the oil with the lubricant flowing into the oil sump along the cylinder wall on the other hand, causing the wear of the oil seal and leading to oil leakage.


2. You should use clean and qualified lubricating oil. If there are impurities in the oil, its entry into the lip will not only accelerate the wear of the lip and journal, but also destroy the surface tension of the oil film, which will lead to oil leakage of the oil seal.


3.Avoid making the diesel engine run at excessive speed or violent change in speed. All kinds of seals have a specified line speed, exceeding this speed will make the temperature of the oil seal lip rise, accelerate the aging of rubber and accelerate the lip wear. Frequent changes in rotational speed will destroy the lubricating oil film at the boundary of the lip, making direct contact between the lip and the shaft journal and accelerating lip wear.


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